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Facebook money scam duping victims with fake ads

There is a fast-spreading Facebook scam that you need to know about. You must read this before you spend your down time the next few days chatting with family and friends on the hugely popular social network.

You know that scammers are clever. They trick you into sharing your personal information and credit card numbers through phishing scams that take advantage of your trusting nature.

They use the names of well-known people and reputable companies to trick you into clicking on their link. Then, they request you to share your personal details with them, often on a bogus website that looks real.

Once you do that, these criminals can steal your ID, your money and worse. So, please read this and then immediately share this warning with your family and friends.

This Facebook scam uses the name and photo of noted financial expert Martin Lewis and sometimes the U.K.’s highly reputable news service, BBC, to fool you. He is featured prominently in advertisements, including one for cloud trading, that he actually has no involvement with.

Lewis himself is urging Facebook users not to fall for these scams. Watch the video below, where he says that he only allows his image to be used in ads for charitable organizations.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Never click directly on a Facebook ad that seems too good to be true; instead, go directly to the company’s website to see if the offer or contest you’re interested in is posted there. In fact, Martin Lewis notes that, in this scam, the ads using his likeness do not link back to his site.

2. Follow the Facebook Security page (click here) for Facebook warnings and alerts.

3. Share this information with all your family and friends.

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