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Facebook introducing security feature that’s absolutely essential

If you’re worried about posting content on Facebook, you’re not alone. After all, it’s a bit creepy to think about millions of strangers looking at you and reading about where you live and work.

Of course, it’s unfortunate to find yourself holding back on Facebook. Your friends and family want to hear about what you’re doing, where you’re working and all the fun places you’ve been visiting.

But we’ve warned you about people stealing your photo and creating fake profiles on Facebook and sites like LinkedIn. They can do that because it’s so easy to copy and paste your photo.

Facebook is taking a big step to stop people from doing that. They are introducing new ways to make it less easy for creeps to share your information.

These features are initially rolling out in India. There, and in many other places around the world, women, in particular, shy away from posting their face on their profile.

One reason is that men sometimes use those photos against them. Some women have had fake profiles created with their face and some personal information. But then the person who stole the photo threatens to blackmail the woman if she doesn’t do what he wants. That blackmail includes posting pornographic content on your fake profile.

Facebook’s features are intended to slow down this type of misbehavior. The first feature puts a blue border around your photo if you opt in to add this security feature. These photos cannot be shared by other people. Plus, no one can tag people, including themselves, in your photo.

Note: Facebook is working on a solution to prevent people from copying your photo with a screen grab.

The second photo protection is layering. You can layer an image, like dots, on top of your photo. Facebook says people are 75 percent less likely to copy your photo if it has a layer on it.

Both of these safety features will be available in India by June 27. They’re starting to roll out today.

There’s not a specific date of when Facebook will make these features available in the United States. Keep reading Happening Now for updates to this story.

“Based on what we learn from our experience in India, we hope to expand to other countries soon,” said Aarati Soman, product manager at Facebook, in a statement.

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