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Made in the USA is great, except when it comes to your email inbox

Presented by StartMail

Presented by StartMail

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For the most part, American consumers want to support local products. That’s great when we’re talking about food, clothes and cars. But when it comes to privacy, you’re better off looking beyond the sea.

Travel over the Atlantic Ocean and you’ll find that Europe has powerful online privacy regulations. Just look at the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short), which lays down seven key principles for protecting user data. That includes everything from integrity and fairness to transparency and accountability.

Take a moment and think over some of America’s biggest tech companies. Most of them make bank from selling your data, and we accept this as an inevitability. Luckily, there are a few ways you can fight back — one of them is by using a European email service like StartMail, our sponsor. More on that later.

Why Europeans have stronger privacy protections than Americans

We’ve written a lot on the various types of private information companies collect on you, including your location data to search history. But that may change depending on where you’re located. In fact, some countries have far stronger protections than others.

Research from the Chamber of Commerce found that 14 out of the top 20 countries with strong digital privacy laws are European. Compare that to the U.S., which barely slid into the list at number 18.

Want to understand better the ways European leaders perceive privacy compared to American heads of state? Let’s take a look at tracing apps, which became hugely popular during the fight against COVID-19. This tech collects sensitive health and location data to pinpoint the spread of the virus better.

By December of 2020, contact tracing apps covered almost half of America, MIT Technology Review reported. In other words, they were widespread and popular. Many Americans wanted to be notified if COVID cases surged in their area.

Compare this to the Netherlands, which pumped the breaks in April of 2020. Although the U.S. hit the ground running to roll out contact tracing apps quickly, the Netherlands drafted up seven initial designs — but they weren’t good enough, according to Forbes. Dutch authorities dismissed the designs for having inadequate privacy protections, so they put together a new team to tackle the issue.

Bottom line: Many European countries put digital privacy front and center. That’s why Kim recommends using an email inbox based in Europe. It’s a great way to protect the treasure trove of private information hidden within your messages.

Take a minute to think about the sensitive data hiding in your email inbox

From a hacker’s perspective, your email inbox is a box of treasure. There’s so much information someone could collect: online banking information, federal taxes, medical bills and online purchases are all lying in wait. This data can make hackers a mountain of cash on illegal forums.

That’s not all, though: In addition to cybercriminals, you also have to watch out for prying corporate eyes. Put your privacy first with StartMail, a sponsor of Kim’s national radio show. The company is based in the Netherlands, so you know it prioritizes your privacy.

Here’s why Kim stands by StartMail:

  • Unlike so-called “free” services, which sell your data to advertisers, StartMail doesn’t collect or share any data with third parties.
  • It’s not tracking your online activity, and no one is building a personal profile they can sell to advertisers.
  • When you delete mail, it’s gone for good — plus, you can encrypt emails in a single click.
  • Your inbox and folders are encrypted and stored in their own vault. Only you can access it.
  • That means nobody — not even StartMail itself — can read your private emails.
  • You can even create burner accounts with disposable email addresses. That means you can send messages…while keeping your real address private!

As you can tell, this inbox is ideal for people who want to stop creepy third parties from poking around their emails. Good news: Kim set up a special deal for listeners and readers. Tap or click for a 7-day free trial and get 50% off your first year at What are you waiting for?

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