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Don’t let hi-tech crooks steal your car

No doubt, thieves are becoming more sophisticated, even when it comes to stealing cars.

While you may think you’ve done everything to keep a crook from breaking in and taking your ride, these hi-tech criminals have found ways around it. Just rolling up your windows and locking your doors doesn’t help anymore. They don’t even need your keys.

You might think high end cars like a Mercedes have all of the latest security devices to keep a thief from breaking in. But you’d be wrong!

Two sneaky thieves recently hacked the security system in a Mercedes using a pair of relay boxes that picked up a signal from a key inside the house. That’s how they were able to unlock the car and take off in less than a minute. That luxury car has never been found.

Caper caught on camera

Video surveillance shows the men pulling up outside the victim’s house. One of the men is waving a relay box in front of the home that searches for a signal from the key inside. It, in turn, transmits it to the second box next to the car.

Footage shows the men waiting briefly for the relay boxes to connect. Seconds later, the Mercedes’ lights start flashing and the doors unlock. The thieves hop in and take off.

Relay car unlocking systems are cheap and can be found on eBay. Reports show the gadget is a favorite among gang members who use it to steal new cars.  

What can you do?

Since these kind of thefts are becoming more common, to prevent it from happening to you, put your keys in a safe place and switch them off. Metal can repel relay signals. Using a wheel lock is also a good deterrent.

It’s a good idea, as well, to talk to your dealer to make sure your car has the latest software updates on it. Also, talk to them about any security concerns you may have.

As theft relay becomes more common, it’s possible crooks will be able to pick up signals from farther away.

Best anti-theft devices for cars

Your car is one of your most prized possessions. You pamper it and take it in for regular tune-ups. But is there something you’re overlooking? Thieves have their eyes on your car too. Don’t risk having your vehicle stolen.

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