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Don’t fall for this fake message from Netflix!

Any time you get an email from a company you are familiar with that says your information has been breached, your account needs to be verified, or there has been an error in your service, be skeptical. And let us know at, so we can alert other vigilant followers. Here’s one that we were made aware of recently, and as usual, it is full of warning signs.

Netflix users in Europe are reporting phishing emails. The emails have hit users in Ireland, but we all know how quickly these things can spread, so watch your email for anything that looks like this image, which the Mirror in the U.K. shared.

Can you spot the red flags? Scroll below to find out.

Netflix phishing email from Mirror in UK

How many red flags do you spot? What’s wrong with this picture? Here’s how to tell a fake from real email:

  • Spelling errors: The word “suspended” is misspelled in the first sentence.
  • Deleting accounts: Netflix is a for-profit company that will do all it can to collect monthly fees from customers. They aren’t going to delete your account.
  • Grammatical errors: “Update your Billing information.”

What should you do?

Any time you receive an alert like this, do not click through. Close the email and log into your account as you normally would, whether it is through your browser, TV or another streaming device. If you have problems with your billing or account, you’ll know when you try to log on.

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