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Don’t buy this popular Christmas gift, it’s not safe!

Black Friday is just days away, are you ready? That’s when many people get serious about holiday shopping.

It’s become such a popular event some retailers don’t even wait for Friday anymore. Many locations will be open on Thanksgiving to kick off their massive sales events. If you participate you’ll have plenty of new, amazing tech items to choose from.

But are they all safe? The quick answer is no. Earlier this week we told you about creepy gifts that could breach your privacy. Unfortunately, there’s one item not on that list that is extremely unsafe for kids.

Why this gadget is dangerous

A popular watch worn by thousands of children has been found to be easily hackable. A security researcher at Pen Test Partners recently discovered that the “Kids Watcher” and “Kids Watcher Plus” made by miSafes is actually not safe.

The watch is marketed as having highly-accurate GPS technology that parents can keep track of their kids with. The watch links with an app on both Apple and Android gadgets that gives parents real-time updates on the location of their kids.

The problem is, the devices do not encrypt data that is collected, and the children’s accounts aren’t secure either. The researcher said that makes it easy for a hacker to track kid’s movements, listen to what is going on around them and even spoof calls to the children that appear to be coming from their parents.

Hackers have software that can mimic the associated app’s communications. It can be used to change the ID number that is assigned to the watch, which is how they access victims’ accounts.

This also gives them access to data used to register the watch. Hackers can see pictures of the child along with their name, age, parents’ phone numbers and the phone number assigned to the Sim card in the watch.

The best thing to do is stay away from products like this that don’t have proper security features in place. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Bonus: Location technology and GPS systems are tracking your every move

It’s a fact that if you own a cellphone, you’re being tracked. But have you ever wondered who is tracking you and how much they can actually see?

In this episode of Komando on Demand, Kim looks at who is spying on us and how, if possible, we can hide from them in order to maintain our data and privacy. Kim also talks to Richard Eilert, an expert in geolocation and geofencing and how your location means big bucks for companies.

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