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Déjà vu: Microsoft update breaks Windows again

No, you aren’t imagining it: Microsoft has done it again! While their latest update to Windows 10 was intended to fix the growing amount of bugs introduced with the previous edition, it ended up opening a Pandora’s box of problems that broke even more features.

Now, if you try to update your Windows device, this new, glitchy update is your only option to choose from. Is Microsoft asleep at the wheel — or are the bugs facing Windows too numerous to contain?

If you’ve made the mistake of updating your Windows computer to this new edition, or are looking for a way to roll your device back, here’s what you can do to address this problematic update.

Windows is splattered with bugs

According to new reports from ZDNet, the latest Windows 10 update from Microsoft is again breaking features that are supposed to be working normally. This patch comes in response to reports of printing issues from the last Windows update.

Since then, update KB4524147 has prompted reports of the Start Menu failing to open (complete with a critical error message). It also apparently hasn’t fixed the printer issues that prompted the update in the first place — with some users claiming that the update has made the problem worse.

If the Start Menu bugs become unworkable, Microsoft’s support forum is advising Windows users roll their operating system back to the previous version. Unfortunately, this is the one with the printer issues still present.

Now Windows users face a choice: a computer that doesn’t open anything or a computer that doesn’t print. It doesn’t seem like an easy decision to make.

I updated. What can I do now?

At, we regularly encourage users to keep their system as up-to-date as possible. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have predicted that Microsoft would have so many glitchy updates in such a short period of time. For now, we are advising Windows users who are experiencing issues with update KB4524147 to consider rolling their system back to the previous edition.

If you have the latest update but have not seen any issues yet, continue to use Windows as it is for the time being. Not everyone is experiencing these glitches, but for those who are, rolling back to a previous update is necessary to rebuild the Start Menu’s functionality.

Keep in mind, by doing this you will lose whatever new things were put on your computer between then and now, so make sure to back up any precious information before continuing. The on-screen instructions will guide you through the rest.

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