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Cyberwar is coming – How to prepare and make money from it

You’ve been hearing about cyberwar for years. Will Russia or China shut down the United States’ power grid?

Will hackers in Iran or North Korea trigger a nuclear war? Will hackers from enemy nations turn off our electricity and water, destroying crops and forcing millions of Americans to die of hunger?

It sounds too gloomy to be true. Yet, the threat of cyberwar is very real.

Just think about Russia hacking into the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Or look at recent examples of rogue nations attacking the U.S. infrastructure, including an electric dam in New York that hackers from Iran remotely accessed.

Cyberwar is a threat. Yet, you can take comfort in a couple of things.

One, the U.S. government is arguably the most advanced cyber military in the world. Two, private and public cybersecurity companies are spending billions of dollars to develop technology to protect your family, you and every American.

How to Make Some Cash

The bonus is, you can make serious money from cybersecurity. It’s a $75 billion industry worldwide, according to 2015 figures from Market Watch.

And, get this! Cybersecurity is a growth industry. Spending on information technology is projected to increase 51 percent from 2015 to 2020 when people and companies will be spending a projected $113 billion.

That’s a huge opportunity for you to make some money. But what should you invest in?

There are three opportunities that Market Watch highlights. The first is IBM Security, which already has 12,000 clients and is monitoring 35 billion cybersecurity events each day.

Second is the cybersecurity fund TFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF. It’s a cybersecurity fund and it’s the largest one out there.

Third is the fast-growing cybersecurity company FireEye. Market Watch said its market valuation is surging.

What do you think? Would you make money off the looming cyberwar? Let us know in the comments.

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