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Creepy or cool? New browser to spy on your kids’ online activity

Parents looking to let their children reap the benefits of technology often have one very big worry; what will my kids access online?

As kids become more tech-savvy and reliant on smartphones, laptops and tablets, parents are being left in the dust and looking for help in monitoring their child’s online activity.

Now a new browser claims to be the answer to more parental control.

The new browser has been designed by the makers of a kid-friendly smartphone called Monqi and it allows parents to monitor activity in real time and block any inappropriate material.

What are the features?

The Scout browser includes features like safe search, so kids can surf the net independently while being blocked from indecent content. Another feature allows parents to track what sites are being visited and even have the ability to pixelate images they don’t want their children exposed to. Anytime a child wants to download an app or add a contact, it will need to be approved by the parent first. Parents can also monitor just how much time kids are spending on the device and remotely shut it off if they need to.

The Circle, supported by Disney, has similar features, but instead of an app on a smartphone It connects to your Wi-Fi network and provides a single set of parental controls for every gadget that’s on the same network. You just have to tell Circle which gadgets your kids use, and you can set what they can see, what they can download and where they can go.

Build healthy online habits

Critics say if you can’t trust your kids then maybe they shouldn’t have access to technology. But is that really feasible? Scout browser creators say that kids are using mobile tech from the time they get up until the time they go to bed, which helps them create healthy habits that will help parents and children develop a responsible relationship with technology from the get-go.

The Monqi smartphone and Scout browser app might be the answer for some parents of young children who are looking for a way to introduce technology. But parents should know that all technology has risks and hackers are always looking for their next target.

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