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Creepy list of things social media sites know about you

Even in a world where social media networks like Facebook collect loads of personal information about you, you’ll still be shocked by how much data another social media site is collecting about you. This network, with 313 million users, knows where you are, which devices you’re using and which websites you’re visiting.

It knows your gender, your age, the languages you speak and the city where you live.

Worse, it’s sharing all that information with advertisers. Their so-called goal, of course, is to “personalize” your advertising experience. The idea is you’ll see ads for products you’re interested in.

But its invasion of privacy went from bad to worse earlier this week. Twitter announced in a blog titled, “Building new data controls and updating our privacy policy,” that it has dramatically increased the amount of information it’s collecting about you.

The good news about Twitter’s new ad tracking is that it’s a lot more transparent about it than other sites. In fact, you can easily see what Twitter knows about you and which advertisers have you on their “tailored audience” lists.

Note: Keep reading for one easy step to turn off Twitter’s invasive tracking tools

Hey, Twitter “Don’t Track Me”

Twitter has updated its Personalization and Data settings (see below). They’re giving you a chance to tell it what they can or can’t do with your personal information.

To turn it off: The next time you log into Twitter, you’ll see a pop-up notice saying, “We’re updating our privacy policy. You’ll soon start to see more relevant Tweets and ads based on your visits to sites with Twitter content. We’re also working with ad partners to improve the tailored ads you already see. And we’ve given you even more control over your data.”

You have two choices: 1. Sounds Good, 2. Review Settings. Do NOT click on Sounds Good unless you’re OK with Twitter and its advertising following you around the web. When you click on Review Settings, Twitter will give you the option to keep certain tracking features turned on, or off.

Better yet. When you click on Review Settings, you’ll see a bold “Disable All” button. It’s on the upper-right side of your screen. Click that if you don’t want Twitter and its advertisers tracking you.

Bonus: Click here to read Twitter’s new Privacy Policy

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