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Creepy facial recognition technology coming to an airport near YOU

You’ve probably heard before just how scary China’s mass surveillance program is. Things like the Chinese government’s social credit card system, and how they control public behavior with over 300 million surveillance cameras powered by artificial intelligence (AI) all across the country.

It’s even taken to the skies to keep an eye on people. Last year we told you how China launched “spy bird” drones to monitor its population.

Would you believe me if I told you some Chinese surveillance techniques are actually coming to America? It’s true. Creepy facial recognition technology will be showing up at airports all across the U.S. soon.

Is Big Brother watching you at airports?

Last weekend, a tech analyst named Matthew Brennan tweeted the following video he took at one of the international airports in China. Watch as he walks by a kiosk in the terminal. It scans his face and then displays his flight plans on the screen, along with helpful directions to his gate. Wow!

Good thing we don’t live in China, right? Wrong.

The thing is, some facial recognition technology is already being used in U.S. airports right now, albeit to a lesser degree. For the past couple years, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been testing a facial recognition system on people going to and coming from other countries.

Now, DHS wants to implement biometric scanning technology to confirm all foreign departures at the top 20 U.S. airports. It has set a goal to have the systems implemented in those 20 airports by 2021.

In 2017, Delta Airlines started testing its own facial recognition to make checking bags easier at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. This type of testing expanded to other services in Atlanta, including check-in, TSA ID and boarding.

So just think, one day you’ll be able to breeze through an airport that scans your face. All it’ll cost you is the price of a plane ticket and any privacy you might have had left.

What do you think, would you trade privacy for a little bit quicker passage through an airport? Tell us your thoughts by leaving them in the comment section below.

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