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Delete yourself from this creepy site that collects email addresses, phone numbers and much more

There are many pieces of information that cybercriminals and scammers are after. Your personal information, Social Security number, search history and banking details are all valuable commodities.

By stealing your credit/debit card details, criminals could clean out your financial accounts. But with your private and personal information, they can steal your identity and cause even more damage.

Personal information is the major currency that drives the Dark Web. Some people give away their own personal data by posting it publicly on social media sites. But a bigger concern is people search sites that collect your data for anyone to see. That’s why it’s important to remove your info from this site ASAP. And don’t forget to tell family and friends so they can protect their privacy too.

Here’s the backstory

Any website that aggregates personal information can be a people search website. Unlike social media networks, listed people usually don’t know what information is available on them. Think of it as a digital telephone directory. But instead of listing just a phone number, it lists any information it can find.

Several people search websites like and pose a huge danger to personal privacy. They allow you to search for anyone and display information like home addresses, telephone numbers and even possibly work information.

The sites claim the information displayed is already available in public records. But there is one people search website that goes a step further: ClustrMaps.

Why is ClustrMaps dangerous?

Searching for yourself will deliver shocking results. Apart from providing your age, where you live, a telephone number associated with you and rent in your area, it also gives details about:

  • Possible relatives
  • People who have used the same telephone number as you
  • List of people who live (or lived) at the same address as you
  • A link to search country records
  • How to find you on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • ZIP code rental value
  • Who your neighbors are

“ClustrMaps, like similar sites, primarily uses public records to find out a person’s address. Corporate registration records, real estate deeds, assessor records, granted licenses, permit records—these documents often contain names and corresponding addresses,” the website explains.

How to remove your search information

Going by the sheer amount of information available, it is easy to see why you would want to remove yourself from people search websites. Even though the site claims the information is of public record, you can still request that it gets deleted.

To send a removal request to ClustrMaps, click on the Remove My Info link. Fill in your name, email address, a link to your information page on the site and your address.

In the next step, tick all the persons and data you want to remove and click Apply. Going through all the steps, you should get a message at the end that “as you requested, we’ve removed your data from the website.”

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