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This Chrome change makes it easier to tell which sites can access your webcam and mic

If you want the most up-to-date security and privacy features, you should check out Chrome’s latest and greatest update. Google Chrome 92 just hit the scene. It introduced fixes for some pretty severe security flaws.

Plus, you can expect some powerful new privacy protections. Hackers are always finding new chinks in your browser’s armor, but luckily, cybersecurity experts are here with new patches. Tap or click here to find out how Chrome’s previous update solved a zero-day exploit that puts your system at serious risk.

One of the features we’re most grateful for is a critical shield between your privacy and nosy interlopers. Many sites want to access your camera, microphone or even location. If you want to stop this invasive surveillance, keep reading.

Here’s the backstory

Flick your eyes up to Google Chrome’s address bar. To the far left, you’ll see a tiny lock icon. Click on it, and you’ll open up a panel that lets you know how secure your connection is.

From there, tap Site settings. Your page will look like this:

This takes you to a brand new page that lets you know everything the site you’re visiting has access to. It will look something like this:

In this panel, you can toggle access on or off. Google also says a future release will let you delete the whole site from your browser’s search history. 

That’s not all, though. There are a few other changes you’ll see in Google Chrome. You can also enjoy new shortcuts, try out a safety check and more.

SPEAKING OF WHICHTry these 3 new secret Chrome features

Here’s what else you can expect

Google also says it’s beefed up the Chrome Actions feature, which lets you get more work done in fewer keystrokes. For example, instead of having to click through a bunch of pages to delete history, you can just type “delete history” for a speedy shortcut.

You’ll also see the safety check feature, which scans for malicious extensions. (Oh, and it can see how secure your password is, too. Just type “manage security settings” to find what you need.)

Speaking of Google Chrome, here’s another tip you may not have heard of. If you noticed your computer is running slowly, it may be because of Google Chrome. One program running behind the scenes could do a bit of damage. Fortunately, we’ve found the culprit and have a simple fix you can implement to keep things running smoothly.

We’re always here to share the best digital tricks. Tap or click here for a way to keep Chrome from slowing down your computer.

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