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Can you spot the spy cam on this ATM? Scammers are betting you can’t

If you’ve been listening to Kim Komando for a while, you know she places a small piece of tape over her computers’ cameras. Why?

Hackers can remotely spy on you when you’re going about your everyday business. Kim isn’t the only tech expert who does this, and with good reason.

You’ve heard about some of the ways that criminals steal your money and ID from ATMs. There are skimmers, for instance, that are installed inside the machine. These skimmers record your personal information.

However, skimmers are often easy to detect. They can be bulky when they’re placed on top of ATM machines.

These new spy cams are an entirely different matter, though. They’re not easy to find. Here’s an example of a spy cam that was just found on an ATM machine in London. Can you spot it?

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Spy cams are getting so small that you won’t even believe this. Now, there are spy cams that can fit into a pinhead-sized hole. Worse, criminals are using these nearly invisible devices to steal your money.

No, this isn’t the latest James Bond movie’s made-up gadget. Police in London and elsewhere have found tiny spy cams installed inside ATM machines.

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Through a pinhole, these cameras are recording you as you enter your Personal Identification Number. Just type in your PIN and they have access to your account.

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How to protect yourself:

Security experts suggest you go inside a bank for your transactions. Or use an ATM that’s well monitored, like those inside bank branches.

If you can’t do that, feel around the ATM machine. Check for any pieces that look or feel strange, too big or out of place. If you see something odd, go to another ATM machine.

It’s also a good idea to cover your hand any time you enter your PIN number. There’s also another way scammers are stealing PINs using thermal imaging to create a heat map of the buttons you’ve hit. Click here to read more about this scam and the clever trick you can use to throw scammers off.

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