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Caller update: Tech offers security from abusive relationship

These kinds of questions always tug at my heartstrings. When Sarah from Boise, ID called my show, she shared a frightening story.

Her sister’s ex-husband had been serving time in prison for molesting children, but the family found out he’d been released early and wasn’t even on probation.

Sarah was concerned about the safety of her sister, and of her sister’s children. What if her ex showed up on her doorstep while she was at work, or even while she was there?

Living in a rural area, and living on a teacher’s salary, Sarah’s sister needed a security system that could monitor the perimeter and interior of her home, while still being affordable.

As a listener of my show, you’ve heard me talk about my sponsor SimpliSafe, and the home security options it offers. But what you might not know is that SimpliSafe now offers security cameras for its home monitoring systems.

This is one of the reasons I recommended SimpliSafe to Sarah and her sister. But the other reason is because of SimpliSafe’s excellent service.

After speaking with Sarah, I contacted SimpliSafe and told them about the situation. They wanted to help keep Sarah’s sister and her family safe, not only from her sister’s ex-husband, but from all intruders.

This is incredible! To help Sarah’s sister, SimpliSafe donated a free system worth more than $1,300! This comprehensive system included three new HD security cameras and 27 additional sensors of various kinds. Plus, an auxiliary siren, multiple panic buttons and extra keychain remotes.

Beyond that, SimpliSafe included a free month of monitoring and shipped the entire system to Sarah’s sister for free.

I’m sharing this story with all of you because this could happen to anyone, and protecting your home is really important. SimpliSafe is the home security system I recommend and use personally because it’s affordable and offers comprehensive coverage for your most valuable possession.

As a listener of my show, you can save 10 percent off your entire order by using promo code KIM. Click here and protect your home and family from unwanted intruders with a home security system by SimpliSafe.

Hear Sarah’s story when you watch this video:

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