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Are you a data breach victim? Here are new and easy ways to find out

With massive data breaches seemingly happening every day, securing our personal accounts and information against hackers is as critical as ever.

Just recently, the massive Exactis database leak has exposed 350 million personal records. Whoa! Together with the data acquired with other major data breaches like Yahoo’s and Equifax’s, you could just imagine the potential damage that these combined incidents can deliver to all of us.

Data broker Exactis tracks about 400 traits on every American. That information is now out in the wild. A hacker can drain your bank account using your email address. Listen to this Komando On Demand Podcast for a deep look into how this data got leaked by the company and what you need to do now.

This is why it’s important to regularly check your credentials and accounts for past abuse. Remember, the password reuse attack is one of the oldest tricks in the hacker’s handbook.

Worried about your account and password security? Here are new and easy ways to find out.

PassProtect extension

PassProtect is a Google Chrome extension that checks your password against popular data breach resource site HaveIBeenPwned’s database.

Using HaveIBeenPwned API service, this extension will warn you if your password has been exposed in a past data breach. For added security, the makers of PassProtect claim that your passwords are never seen, stored or sent over the network during the checking process.

To try the PassProtect extension on your Google Chrome browser now, go to its Chrome Web Store page then just click “Add to Chrome.”

Firefox Monitor

Firefox Quantum users, on the other hand, will be delighted to know that its security tool Firefox Monitor will be available in the next few days.

What is Firefox Monitor? Unlike PassProtect, Firefox Monitor is not an add-on or extension but it’s actually built within Firefox itself.

However, similar to PassProtect, the feature is also powered by HaveIBeenPwned and it will check your email to see if your accounts were included in known data breaches. It will also include details and the types of personal data stolen in each breach.

The tool’s website will then offer advice on what to do in the case of a data breach and tips on how to help secure all your accounts.

If you’re already a Firefox user, you don’t need to download anything. Just update your Firefox Quantum browser regularly and Firefox Monitor should be included once it’s publicly available.

Firefox ordinarily updates itself when you open it; this is the default setting. But if it hasn’t, visit for the latest version.

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