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Apps collecting data on your kids
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These apps collect the most data on your kids

We know that too much screen time is especially harmful to children. The risks include eye strain, laziness, obesity, irregular sleep and social/behavioral problems.

A recent study revealed an increase in social media use due to the pandemic, while another showed the particular impact on kids of a certain age. Tap or click here to check out our report.

As if worrying about our children’s developing minds and bodies wasn’t enough, we also must consider their safety. Some apps collect data on young users and, even worse, sell it to third parties.

Which apps are safe for your children?

In an email to, Uswitch shared a study the company conducted, which looked into the most and least child-friendly apps.


The most child-friendly apps in Uswitch’s study don’t collect any data from users, making them the best choice for children. These apps include educational elements, teaching children about color, music, food, shapes and more.

The top five best apps for kids are:

  1. Drawing for kids: doodle games
  2. Baby coloring book for kids
  3. Baby games for 2, 3, 4-year-olds
  4. Baby piano for kids & toddlers
  5. Hello Neighbor

Which apps should you and your children avoid?


The least child-friendly apps were found to collect data and sell it to third-party advertisers, which enabled the games to use the free-to-play model. Beyond an invasion of privacy, this could lead to children being shown inappropriate products and ads.

While some of these apps, such as Duolingo, have an educational value, some were found to collect data and track users across other sites. In-game chatrooms are also something to watch out for.

The top five worst apps for children are:

  1. Sandwich Runner
  2. 8 Ball Pool
  3. Water Sort Puzzle
  4. Duolingo
  5. Text or Die

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Keep your children’s data safe

There are a few steps you can take to protect your children and their data.

  • Monitor your children’s online activity and enable parental controls to learn what they are doing online and how much time they’re spending in front of a screen. You can also keep an eye on their location and restrict them from using certain apps. Tap or click here for instructions on setting up these controls on your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Discuss the risks from this report with your kids. Be honest and tell them that many of these developers don’t have their best interests in mind.
  • If your credit card is linked to an app store, make sure that some ID is required to use it, such as facial recognition, a fingerprint or a password.
  • Kim created the Kids’ Tech Contract to assist in setting boundaries, including limitations on device usage, apps and websites. Tap or click here for the full document you and your child can sign. Also, spread the word to family members and friends.

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