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apple zero day patch
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Have an older iPhone? Install this update now to block hackers

Smartphones have been under attack by hackers all year. We recently told you about an Android threat that would let anyone unlock it to do who knows what. Tap or click here for details and how to patch the issue.

Now it’s Apple’s turn. A zero-day flaw has been discovered in older Apple devices that would allow malicious websites to perform nefarious tasks in the background. The good news is there is now a fix for the issue.

Read on for details about this scary bug and how to get the fix.

Here’s the backstory

Zero-day flaws come to a developer’s attention after hackers have discovered them. Translation: These vulnerabilities are a big deal, and once there’s a fix, installing it as soon as possible is vital. The tenth zero-day flaw of 2022 in Apple devices was discovered this week.

Fortunately, the tech giant has already released a patch to fix the issue. The update is available for iPhone 6, 7 and first-generation SE. It’s also available for all iPad models and brings the operating system to version iOS 15.7.2 and iPadOS 15.7.2. 

According to the patch notes, unprotected gadgets can be tricked into processing maliciously crafted web content (that) may lead to arbitrary code execution. This means that hackers can exploit the flaw to infect your device with malware and steal sensitive data.

The security update also fixes several other problems, including:

  • A memory corruption issue was addressed with improved input validation.
  • A logic issue was addressed with improved state management.
  • Addressed a memory consumption issue with improved memory handling.
  • Fixed URL spoofing issue in Safari.

How to update Apple devices

If you have one of the mentioned iPhone models or an iPad, you must update your device ASAP. Apple said that it is aware this issue may have been actively exploited against versions of iOS released before iOS 15.1.

The good news is it’s incredibly easy to update your device. Even if you have a newer iPhone, check for an update. Apple also released iOS 16.2 this week.

Here’s how to update your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap General > Software Update
  • If the update is available to you, tap on Download and Install.

Ensure that you save whatever you are working on, as your device might need to restart to enact the update. It is always a good idea to also toggle the option to download new updates automatically. 

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