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Apple is more vulnerable to hackers than you thought

Apple has always had a reputation for having stronger security protections than other companies. There was a time that fans believed hackers wouldn’t even try to mess with a Mac because it’s nearly impossible.

Unfortunately, those days are over. Cyber criminals now have such sophisticated tools that they can target anyone, using any type of system.

That was made glaringly obvious recently. A teenager was able to penetrate Apple’s servers that were thought to be unhackable.

Apple breached by an unexpected attacker

This hacking story is a bit strange. The person behind the attack supposedly had no malicious intent. He was just a huge Apple fan and wanted to get its attention so he could work for the company one day.

At least that’s what the 16-year-old Australian hacker’s lawyer said. Yep, he’s just a teenager. Some of the best hackers in the world have unsuccessfully tried to break into the tech `giant’s system, but this kid showed that it is possible.

He was able to hack into Apple’s servers and steal about 90 gigabytes of data. The unnamed minor was able to break-in using VPNs to hide his identity and messed around with Apple’s servers for about a year.

The stolen data included secure files and customer account information. And get this, he stored the information in a folder he titled “hacky hack hack.” I guess that’s teen speak.

Apple was finally able to figure out who was lurking in its system. It tracked the kid down by identifying serial numbers of the laptops he was using during the hack. Police ended up seizing two laptops, a mobile phone and a hard drive, which is where they found the hacky hack hack folder.

The teen pled guilty in court and awaits sentencing. No word on Apple following up with a job offer.

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