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Amazon’s new service to prevent “porch thieves” is brilliant

Have you ever been a victim of  “porch thieves” AKA “porch pirates” AKA “porch robbers”? You know the type: They roam neighborhood streets and steal delivered packages off a home’s front door or porch.


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It’s a growing concern for online shoppers. In fact, a report from Package Guard claims that 11 million U.S. homeowners have had packages stolen from their doorsteps in the last year.

To help combat such dastardly deeds, Amazon is set to launch a new service that lets delivery people into your house and drop off your package inside.

Amazon Key

This new delivery service is called Amazon Key and it will officially launch on November 8 in 37 U.S. cities. First, it requires customers to get the $249.99 Amazon Key In-Home Kit, which includes the new Amazon Cloud Cam, a compatible smart lock from Kwikset or Yale, and free installation.

How Amazon Key works

Here’s how Amazon Key lets delivery people into your home:

  1. Place an Amazon order then select “FREE in-home delivery” at checkout. On delivery day, you’ll receive a phone notification in the morning and another one when the delivery person arrives at your address.
  2. The delivery person will always knock at your door first, then requests access by scanning the barcode, sending the unlock request to Amazon’s servers.
  3. Amazon verifies the delivery person’s identity, turns on the Cloud Cam to record then opens your door to grant access. (At this point, you can also watch the whole delivery process live.)
  4. The delivery person will then drop your package just inside your front door. Once the drop-off is complete, another request is sent to relock your door.
  5. Once the delivery person confirms that your door is locked, Amazon will send you a notification that the delivery is complete. Wow, sounds so simple!

Monitor and operate smart lock remotely through your phone

Amazon said the service will also allow you to unlock your door remotely for friends and family.

Not only that, in the next few months, Amazon will also be launching professional services like home cleaning, pet sitting and dog walking. Amazon Key will provide customers with a convenient way to let these service providers into your home unattended.

However, Amazon does not recommend the service if you have a pet that has access to your front door on delivery day.

The service will also be handled by Amazon’s own delivery team for now but the company said that it may expand to third-party delivery services in the future.

Click here to read more about Amazon Key.

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