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Alert: Watch out for this nasty Amazon scam going after your money

Working from home sounds like a great idea. Not having to deal with traffic is a major plus, and if you have to take care of children or parents, you can have a more flexible schedule.

The concept is even better when you get to work for a great company, but not all offers are what they seem and there are plenty of scams out there. Scammers will even pose as high-profile companies to try and lure you in.

Case in point, a job that looks like it’s from Amazon. We all know about the company and for many, it would be a dream to work for them. But in this case it’s not only not a job, but a scam instead!

It seems great on the surface

The way it works is you get a phone call offering a work-from-home opportunity that says it pays from $20 an hour to $6,000 a month. They go by the names like Amazon Cash Website,,,, and

Here’s where we go back to the saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

The only catch seems to be that new employees must buy an “enrollment kit” for $200 which, while questionable, seems like a small price to pay in order to quickly begin earning more than that.

But once you pay up, the money will be gone, your contact will disappear and the new job is found to not exist.

Don’t fall for this one

Hopefully needing to pay up front in order to get a job raises a red flag for you. If not, there are other clues to be mindful of.

The call comes from a number that is flagged as being questionable, which is a good sign that something is off. But if you glossed over that or just got the message via voicemail, you may not notice.

Once you log on, the site provides ample reason for why this is a good idea, even going so far as to say some of their best employees were doubters-turned-believers. After all that, you are told there are three steps to join, one of which has you fill out a form in which you reveal plenty of information.

Like we said, this scam is not short on revealing clues. You just have to be mindful of the signs of a scam and recognize that this is one of them.

But just in case, what else will you notice?

The URL at the top of the page is not close to anything you would see from Amazon, and throughout the page there are countless formatting and grammatical errors. There are also numerous questionable claims and statements, which should at least give one pause.

Really, there are a good many issues with the entire process, all of which very strongly point in the direction of it being a scam. But just to try and get you to ignore it, the site informs you that spots in the program are limited and if you want to land the job, you better apply fast.

That is designed to get you to skim through the rest of the page while you rush to sign up, in the meantime ignoring everything that would otherwise convince you to at least question what you are doing. Hat Tip to for giving us some of the details about this scam.

If you fell for it

If you did follow through and provide the information, you will want to make sure to monitor all of your accounts closely. Monitor your banking statements closely and if you gave credit card information, be sure to cancel the cards.

Otherwise, the money you handed over is gone. You’ll have to take this as a learning experience going forward.

But if you do want a job with Amazon…

Just because this is not a real Amazon job site does not mean there are no opportunities to work for the company. If you want, visit in order to start the process of looking.

The actual Amazon jobs page looks like this:

According to the Better Business Bureau, it is wise to not only be cautious of any job that asks you to hand over money, but to check the business’s website to make sure it is real. Also, they say to be wary of work from home opportunities that are filled with testimonials, as they are often misleading and a sign that something is not right.

Finally, they say if a job looks suspicious, search for it online. If the job appears in other cities as well, it is likely a scam.

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