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A popular mattress maker is accused of tracking you

We are pretty used to our electronic devices tracking us. Facebook records what we say, Google records where we go, Microsoft…well we will just assume they know everything about us.

For some people, particularly the younger generation that grew up with this, it is no big deal. “So what? Track me. You won’t learn anything,” or “I don’t see the problem with being shown more relevant ads.” These can sometimes be pretty appealing, and even convincing arguments by apologists who want to defend their favorite tech company, until you realize how far some of these companies are willing to go to collect your information.

So all our phones, tablets and computer browsers are recording us…what about our bed mattress? I repeat, bed mattress.

Company under fire

Mattress maker “Casper” is facing a possible class action lawsuit for allegedly tracking users. But before you freak out, your mattress itself is not what’s tracking you. It is the company’s website that has come under fire.

The company is in hot water for its use of a web code called NaviStone; it collects personal information from visitors even if they decided not to purchase a Casper product. Clearly, the reason is to grab your information to display ads geared to what you looked for within their brand.

Privacy is certainly one of these issues that can be easy to get fired up about. But before you jump on a class-action bandwagon, remember that these are just allegations that the company, Casper, vehemently denies. A class-action-lawsuit may earn you $1.86 or so in damages, but if you are really worried about your internet browsing privacy, just use privacy mode on your browser.

One way to stop Facebook from tracking you and serving you creepy ads

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