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Check your phone for these 50 sketchy apps – see the full list

Modern-day tablets and smartphones are more powerful than many desktop computers from the early ’90s. But to get the most out of them, you need to add applications that tap into their unlimited potential.

Finding apps to install is where you need to be careful though, as some are designed by cybercriminals to rip you off. We recently told you about nine malicious apps that were hiding malware. Tap or click here for the details.

Those were just the tip of the iceberg. A new list of more than 50 sketchy apps has been discovered and if you’ve installed any of them, they could be wreaking havoc on your device.

Tekya malware hidden in Google Play Store apps

We always tell you to only download apps from official app stores. With their stronger security protections, the chance of installing malicious apps is less than what you’d find in third-party app stores.

While Apple’s App Store and Google Play do a more thorough check on the apps they host, the process isn’t always foolproof. This latest group of malicious apps found in Google Play makes that clear.

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Researchers with Check Point recently discovered more than 50 malicious apps in Google Play. The apps are actually hiding malware dubbed Tekya, which is a form of adware.

Tekya works behind the scenes by mimicking a users’ movements and clicking ads, which line scammers’ pockets. This type of activity not only drains your device’s battery, but it can slow down your phone, too.

How to protect against Tekya malware

The good news is all of the malicious apps on this list have been removed from Google Play. The bad news is you may have installed a few before they were removed.

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A total of 56 apps hiding the malware were found and have been downloaded more than 1 million times. Of those apps, 24 targeted children via games or puzzles. The other 32 were disguised as utility apps like calculators, cooking apps, downloaders and more.

Here is the complete list of malicious apps:

  1. 24th Translate
  2. Amazingkitchen
  3. Armeasure Translate
  4. Artech Helpful
  5. Aquawar
  6. Best Translate
  7. Best Translate Tool
  8. Bestcalculate Multifunction
  9. Besttranslate
  10. Biscuitent
  11. Biscuit
  12. Breaktower
  13. Carstiny
  14. Calculatepro
  15. Cooking
  16. Delicious Recipes
  17. Digiv Weather Radar
  18. Dressup
  19. Fastdownloader
  20. Fortuneteller Tarotreading
  21. Goldencat Hillracing
  22. Hexadom
  23. Hexamaster
  24. Ichinyan Fashion
  25. Imgdownloader
  26. Instant Translate
  27. Jewel Block Puzzle2019
  28. Letmego
  29. Littlefarm
  30. Livetranslate
  31. Magic Cuble Blast Puzzle
  32. Michimocho Video Downloader
  33. Mcmc Ebook Reader
  34. Mcmccalculator Free
  35. Major Cookingstar
  36. Major Zombie
  37. Multi Translate Threeinone
  38. Pro Translator
  39. Raceinspace Astronaut
  40. Spaceship
  41. Stickman Runner Parkour
  42. Swift Jungle Translate
  43. Stickman Warrior
  44. Splashio
  45. Smart Tools Pro
  46. Snap Translate
  47. Smart Language Translate
  48. Translator
  49. Travel Map
  50. Titan Block Flip
  51. Tapsmore Challenge
  52. Twmedia Downloader
  53. Translate
  54. Titanyan Igsaver
  55. Titan Translator
  56. Withu Translate

If you have any of these apps, make sure to delete them immediately. The next step is making sure your operating system is up to date so you have the latest security patches. These fix vulnerabilities on your device.

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