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Give your phone a security checkup with this free app

With so many avenues open for cybercriminals, it is more important than ever to keep your gadgets and personal details safe. Even the smallest things that we do on our devices can potentially be exploited.

A recent example was a critical bug discovered in Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers worldwide. A hacking group used it to attack security professionals. Tap or click here to find out how to avoid a hackers’ favorite security flaw.

There are tons of cybersecurity threats to contend with, so how do you know your device is locked down tight? There is an app for that. Let’s look at how this app can help keep your phone secure and show you what to watch for.

SAFE Me, safe you

Android devices are prone to be more vulnerable to intrusions, but that doesn’t mean Apple products are immune. That is why the free SAFE Me app is available on both platforms. It’s not antivirus software but rather a nifty app that scans your phone settings and alerts you to potential problems.


Billing itself as a “comprehensive Cyber Risk Quantification platform,” developer Safe Securities Inc. made the app available for free as a tool for “learning, assessing and improving cybersecurity awareness.”

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Quite plainly, the app will better equip you to recognize potential security issues. Follow its instructions, and you can fix problems by adjusting settings to make your gadget safer.

How the app works

SAFE Me’s functionality consists of two parts: awareness and settings. The app will teach you the fundamentals of cybersecurity and check certain settings on your device to make sure it’s secure.

The awareness portion aims to teach you the concepts of cybersecurity through a series of microlearning courses. These include short informational videos and question-based assessments. After completion, the app will score you on your cybersecurity awareness level.

The app’s microlearning video courses raise your awareness of cybersecurity threats. Options include:

  • SAFE mobile device usage
  • SAFE laptop usage
  • SAFE password usage
  • SAFE social media usage
  • Importance of software updates
  • Email scams
  • Cyrptojacking schemes
  • Security tips for safely using messenger apps
  • Benefits of two-factor authentication

Those are just a few of the video tutorials offered by SAFE Me. There are several more that you can watch to increase your level of cybersecurity awareness.

Your cybersecurity score

To determine your overall cybersecurity score, the app tests your device’s security settings, passwords and knowledge. It factors in things like account passwords, how long you leave social media apps open and if your system is updated. Scores range from 0-5. The higher your score, the fewer risks you face.

3 factors that your score is based on:

  • Your device’s security settings – These include automatic screen locking, device encryption and more.
  • Exposure on the Dark Web – If your email address or other account credentials have appeared on the Dark Web, you’re more likely to face future security threats.
  • Cybersecurity awareness – This is based on the app’s microlearning courses and question-based assessments that you take.

Check your settings

Turn to SAFE Me’s security control tools to check your device’s settings. It evaluates security settings and makes recommendations based on its findings. Safe Security doesn’t go into much detail as to what it protects you from. It just states recommendations are “to ensure protection from various types of cyberattacks.”

When an issue is found, you can tap on the alert to bring up an explanation of why it’s important to make changes. Once the setting is updated, mark the change as complete.

A couple of settings you may be asked to adjust include your device’s automatic screen locking time and lock screen notifications. You might be wondering how in the world automatic screen locking time affects security?

It’s pretty obvious if you think about it. The longer your screen is unlocked, the more time someone has to snoop. It’s recommended that you set your device’s automatic screen locking time to one minute.

The app will even check to see if your email address has been exposed on the Dark Web. If it has, you must change your password ASAP. Remember, never use the same password for multiple accounts. Tap or click here for five new rules to create the best passwords.

You can download the SAFE Me app for Android from the Google Play Store here, while the iOS version can be downloaded from the Apple App Store here.

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