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Here’s what Amazon knows about you when you use a Ring doorbell

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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When you want to protect your home, you look for security systems that warn when people are on your property, record footage you can access at any time and can sound an alarm that scares off any would-be burglars.

Alarm systems should have your protection at heart. The information your alarm company accesses should be used for that purpose and that purpose only.

Our sponsor, SimpliSafe, offers the safety you want at a price you can afford. And what does it do with your private information? Protect it behind layers of security. Can the same be said for the data Amazon collects when you use a Ring doorbell?

What does Ring know about you?

Amazon is well-known for its affordable prices and fast shipping. Its Ring doorbells are popular security systems that collect information about everything within earshot — including your private conversations and activities.

When you use Amazon’s Ring doorbell, you must sign in using your name, email, physical address and phone number. If you log in with your Facebook account or another third-party login, Ring’s parent company, Amazon, also collects information from that third party.

Amazon’s Ring Privacy Policy explains the information you use from third-party services like Facebook and PayPal is collected. What info exactly, and what is it used for?

The policy states:

When you interact with our products and services, we obtain certain information by automated means … We may use these automated technologies to collect information about your equipment, browsing actions, and usage patterns.

Why does Amazon want your browsing actions? Because it is an advertising and e-commerce company. The data it collects is shared with “service providers,” some of which are marketing companies.

You may notice targeted emails concerning items you’ve searched for online or maybe talked about within earshot of your Ring doorbell and other Amazon products. How does that make you feel?

What does SimpliSafe know about you?

The SimpliSafe Privacy Policy clearly explains that it takes your privacy seriously. It uses the information it collects to:

  • Send you alarm alerts and other important service information about your alarm and its services
  • Contact you about your orders, process credit card/debit card transactions and ship its products to you
  • Provide information to third-party service providers that help process orders and fulfill
  • Deliver products and services you purchase

SimpliSafe also offers an opt-out opportunity if you don’t want commercial emails or communications other than alarm alerts and service information.

Which do you trust?

When it comes to keeping your information private, SimpliSafe is the clear winner. Amazon may have great prices and fast shipping, but SimpliSafe is a trusted brand that prioritizes your privacy and security.

When you’re looking for a discreet home or business security system with devices like panic buttons, motion sensors, video surveillance equipment or smoke, flood and freeze sensors, turn to SimpliSafe.

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