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Product recall warning: 3 gadgets pulled due to burn risk

Manufacturers issue recalls when a product of theirs is found to be defective. Sometimes the product can be repaired, as with most automotive recalls. Some need to be replaced entirely. It depends on the severity of the issue.

A smoke alarm has one function: to warn you about a fire or a potential one. When this fails, the device becomes a hazard, as you won’t have any warning of danger. Tap or click here to check out a recall affecting about a quarter-million Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

While a faulty smoke alarm can lead to a dangerous situation, at least the product itself can’t harm you. The same can’t be said for three products that were recently recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission overburn and fire hazards. Read on for more.

1. Caldwell E-Max Pro BT Earmuffs with rechargeable lithium-battery packs

American Outdoor Brands issued a recall for the rechargeable lithium-battery pack (SKU #1108859) that comes with the Caldwell black E-Max Pro BT Earmuffs (SKU #1099596).

“The soldering within the lithium-battery pack housing can allow the wiring to detach and cause the unit to overheat, posing fire and burn hazards,” the recall notice states.

More than 13,500 of these defective units were sold from April through May 2021 for about $100. They were available at MidwayUSA, Bass Pro Shops and Davidsons as well as online from Amazon.

The recall advises consumers to remove the lithium-battery pack from the earmuffs and contact American Outdoor Brands for instructions on how to safely and legally dispose of it. Free replacement alkaline batteries will be provided.

The company can be reached at 877-416-5167 and at You can also go here for more information.

2. Harbor Freight Tools Tank Top Propane Heaters

Harbor Freight Tools issued a recall for its One Stop Gardens 15,000 BTU Tank Top Propane Heater (Item #63073) and One Stop Gardens 30,000 BTU Tank Top Propane Heater (Item #63072).

“In windy weather, the flame can be directed to the rear of the unit, which can melt the ‘tip switch’ safety shut off feature at the rear of the heater. This poses a risk that the heater will not turn off if it tips over and poses a burn hazard to consumers,” the recall reads.

About 350,000 of the defective propane heaters were sold at Harbor Freight Tools stores and online at from December 2015 through April 2021 for about $45-$75.

Consumers should stop using the heaters and return them to a Harbor Freight Tools store for a full refund in the form of a gift card. Harbor Freight Tools is contacting all known purchasers.

You can reach Harbor Freight Tools at 800-444-3353 and at Tap or click here for more information.

3. Rite Aid rechargeable hand fans

Rite Aid issued a recall for its pink and blue rechargeable hand fans (item #9050103). The recall states, “The fan’s lithium ion battery can overheat while charging, posing a fire hazard.”

About 9,780 of the defective fans were sold nationwide at Rite Aid stores from April 2021 through June 2021 for about $10.

If you have one of these fans, stop using it and contact Rite Aid for a full refund at 800-748-3243. Tap or click here for more information.

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