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This scan will tell you if your home’s title is at risk

Presented by Home Title Lock

Presented by Home Title Lock

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When your world is chaotic, your home is your shelter — and often your most valuable asset. If you’re a homeowner, listen up.

Home title fraud is a frightening reality, and it’s one you probably haven’t heard of. Here’s how it works: Criminals take you off the title to your own home using information found online. It’s not that they want to live there; they want the money they can get from taking out loans against your home.

You’re left with the legal bills and your hard-earned equity is gone. You could even be evicted from the home you worked so hard for.

Victims of this devastating crime have their homes stolen before they know what happened. Take a step to protect yourself now with a free comprehensive title scan from our sponsor, Home Title Lock.

Go to and register your address to see if you’re already a victim. Use code Kim for 30 free days of protection.

How does home title theft work?

Did you know your home’s title and mortgage information are readily available online for those who know where to look? Criminals can easily access this information, including your signature, by visiting your county assessor’s website and typing in your address. It’s really that simple.

To take over your title, they forge the paperwork and take a trip to the country recorder’s office or simply click “send” to make it official. The majority of recorder’s offices assume the paperwork is genuine. In an instant, your home is no longer yours.

What happens once someone else has the title to your home? They can simply walk into a bank and use the equity you built to take out a loan. Title fraud happens far more often than you might think, and millions of homeowners are at risk right now.

How can you protect yourself?

Your bank, insurance company or identity theft protection service simply can’t protect you from this type of theft. Home Title Lock is the only company that provides nationwide monitoring and alerts.

The home title insurance you used when buying your home won’t protect you, either. It’s required by lenders to ensure you have a clean title during the sale process, but it doesn’t cover future events.

See if your title is in jeopardy

By now, you understand how devastating home title theft can be. The first step you need to take is to see if your title is already at risk. Home Title Lock created the world’s largest property records database in the U.S. It now includes more than 6.1 billion records.

Go to and register your address to see if you’re already a victim. Use code Kim for 30 free days of protection to help you through this crisis. Home Title Lock offers a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 60 days to ensure you’re satisfied. App background

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