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Home security you can trust without the expensive contract

Here’s the thing about home security companies: Most trap you with high prices, tricky contracts and lousy customer support. So, while there are a lot of options out there, there’s only one no-brainer: SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe has everything you need to protect your home with none of the drawbacks of traditional home security. It’s got an arsenal of sensors and cameras to blanket every room, window and door tailored to your home. 

Professional monitoring keeps watch 24/7, ready to send police, fire or medical professionals if there’s an emergency.

Get a free HD security camera

See and hear what’s happening at home any time, anywhere. With an ultra-wide field of view and flawless streaming, you can see everything that happens in crystal-clear HD from your smartphone, laptop or tablet — all for free — in the SimpliSafe app!

SimpliSafe SimpliCam

SimpliCam alerts you, for free, the instant it detects motion so you can see what’s happening and take action. 

One of the best parts? You can set everything up yourself in under an hour. Just peel and stick the sensors exactly where you need them — no technician or tools required! And there’s no contract, no pushy sales guys, no hidden fees and no fine print.

See why “U.S. News and World Report” named SimpliSafe the “Best Overall Home Security of 2020.”

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