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home security camera buying guide
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Use this home security camera buying guide to be safer at home

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Presented by SimpliSafe

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Here’s a conundrum: Your security camera could expose you to data breaches. Last year, a security researcher found that Eufy cameras uploaded private images to the cloud.

Anker recently admitted to storing images and video feeds in the cloud without users’ knowledge. This popular security cam manufacturer recently didn’t even encrypt the private content. That means anyone could have seen your personal images through your Anker devices.

The next time you want to upgrade your system, check this home security camera buying guide.

Home security camera buying tips

Don’t let this story dissuade you from protecting your home. Security cameras and video doorbells are easy and affordable ways to protect your home. Just make sure you’re using these strategies when shopping.

  1. Pick a tool with 2FA: Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security between your smart home and a snoop. Maybe someone in your life wants to see what you’re doing. Protect your privacy by requiring anyone who tries to access the system to provide a private code only you get. Authenticator apps are some of the best 2FA methods. We’ll help you set them up to secure your work accounts or security gadgets.
  2. Research the company’s data breach history: Some brands will put you in more danger than others. If a company has a long history of security breaches, you’re better off with another option.
  3. Consider the brand’s relationship with police: Are you comfortable with the police using your private footage? Arlo, Eufy, Wyze and Apple won’t share your footage without a court order or warrant.
  4. Go with big brands: Since large companies get more coverage, they’re also scrutinized and tested by security researchers, journalists and hobbyists. That means you’ll have more luck if you have questions since you’ll get more helpful results when researching security concerns.

Keep this in mind

Unfortunately, you must assume that your smart devices can be breached at any time. All devices have vulnerabilities. Even the most trustworthy brand could have a hidden weakness a security researcher hasn’t discovered yet.

Think about the placement of your cameras. When a hacker could steal footage of you doing something private, like using the restroom, it’s time to move the security camera to a spot that preserves your privacy. Here are the best places to put your home security cameras.

Also, you could keep your camera’s storage system in mind. Before buying a security tool, consider where the footage will go. For example, a local storage system keeps your private videos from a company’s hands.

You don’t even have to connect your cameras to the internet. But if you get them without Wi-Fi, ensure they offer end-to-end encryption. We can help you save some research time. Check out the best security cameras for properties with bad or no Wi-Fi.

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