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5 home security mistakes you're probably making that endanger your family
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5 home security mistakes that may be putting you at risk

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You probably avoid the worst home security mistakes, like leaving your door open for all the burglars to slip in. But there are a few common flubs homeowners make, like unlocking doors and windows or flaunting their wealth. Some subtleties can endanger your possessions.

Sometimes, it’s hard to notice little signs burglars look for. You may be making their job easier. Tap or click here for simple ways to protect your home from burglars.

However, a burglar can break in even if you follow all the steps from security professionals. That’s because a single misstep can create dangerous cracks in your safety system. To fully protect yourself, avoid these five horrible home security mistakes.

Why you must act quickly

Every day, burglars break into thousands of homes. Anyone can be a victim. Luckily, there are a few clever ways to lower your risk of being robbed. You can start with the obvious tips, like locking doors and windows. Burglars refer to them as soft targets.

They’re looking for the path of least resistance. If you hide a key outside or leave your door open, you accidentally make yourself an easy target. Tap or click here for the five best smart locks to keep your home secure.

You might even be providing cover for burglars. For example, maybe you have thick bushes underneath your windows. Hypothetically, burglars could hide behind those bushes to cover up their crimes.

To ensure you’re protecting your home as much as possible, avoid these dangerous blunders.

These are some of the worst home security mistakes

Here are a few things home security experts never do. Want to follow in their footsteps to the fullest? Avoid these missteps:

  • Don’t give out security passcodes: It may be tempting to share your smart lock’s code. This can put you in danger, especially if you text those codes. Hackers can easily break into insecure channels and steal your codes. Do this to stop anyone from intercepting your text messages.
  • Turn on your alarms: Many people with smart homes forget to turn their alarms on when they leave. Set a reminder so you don’t forget. This way, your indoor cameras and motion sensors will send alerts if anyone is creeping around.
  • Don’t let your mail pile up: Criminals like to cruise around neighborhoods and look for signs of vacancy. A cluttered porch full of packages and envelopes is a surefire sign that your house is easy pickings. Ask a trusted neighbor to hold your packages for you.
  • Stop oversharing on social media: Don’t give away too much private information on social media. Don’t flaunt expensive valuables or post about upcoming vacations. You’re giving away details that will help a bad guy plan his next heist. Avoid these six dangerous social media mistakes.
  • Don’t do everything yourself: Maybe you love DIY projects. Sometimes, though, it’s better to get help from professionals. You probably have a lot on your plate. Let the experts step in — they’ll catch things you didn’t miss. Plus, they’ll share helpful tips you never knew about.

Now that you know what not to do, let’s move on to one of the best things you can do.

How Kim protects her home

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