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3 ways to stop spam in your inbox

Presented by StartMail

Presented by StartMail

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When you’re working from home, your email inbox is like the hub of all your activity. You need to check it every day to see if important new messages popped up. That means any little distraction can throw a wrench in your productivity.

Spam emails are annoying at the best of times. Now that the pandemic has us all working from home, they’re time-killers. Every second you spend squinting at a suspicious email takes away from time you could be working.

That’s why we put together three time-saving tips that will stop spam from clogging up your inbox. These tips will help deter bots from throwing their meaningless messages at you. Take back your email inbox with these three easy tricks.

1. Hide your email address

Now, this doesn’t mean you should never give it out. But it would be best if you didn’t leave it out in the open. For example, don’t put it in your social media bios. If you do, spammers take this golden opportunity to add you to their mailing lists.

One great way to cut down on spam is to double-check your social media accounts. Is your email address on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? If so, take it down.

Explore the settings on your Twitter, LinkedIn and other accounts to keep your email address to yourself or your friends only. Also, don’t post your email in full on websites — even if it’s a portfolio website with your resume. Use a contact form on your own site or try this clever trick.

If you need to put your email on your website, write out your email address without the @ symbol. Write down something like, “first name dot last name at StartMail dot com.” Basically, you want to avoid giveaways that robots use to recognize email addresses.

2.Use an alias when signing up online

Of course, when you’re signing up for reputable sites like LinkedIn, you’ll want to use your real name. But when you’re signing up for things like coupons and surveys, you don’t need to use your main email. Those sites will clog up your real account.

That’s why you should create bonus accounts. They filter all of the superfluous spam into a side email so your main isn’t overwhelmed by messages you’ll never open. Although many free options won’t let you make too many side accounts, StartMail offers unlimited aliases.

Another way to take your privacy back is by wiping the slate clean and starting anew with a service that prioritizes your peace of mind above all else.

3. Put your privacy first with StartMail

Another way to cut down on spam is to wipe the slate clean and sign up for another email account. We searched the internet for the most secure email services you can find. There’s no better option than our sponsor, StartMail.

Unlike Gmail, StartMail doesn’t monitor your purchases, trips, bills and more. It doesn’t collect or share any data with third parties. Plus, it doesn’t track your online activity like Gmail, Yahoo or other alternatives do. That means there’s no one building a personal profile based on your private emails.

While Google sends targeted ads to your inbox, StartMail prioritizes your privacy above all else. It doesn’t collect or share any data with third parties, which means your online activity stays a secret.

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