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MacBook Pro 16″

When the 16-inch MacBook Pro 16 first hit the scene back in 2019, tech critics rejoiced. Finally, Apple’s butterfly keyboard design flew away on a breeze. In its place, Apple inserted a ton of user-friendly features. From a more comfortable keyboard to a physical escape key, the Apple MacBook Pro 16 prioritizes your experience.

Apple even alternated how the laptop dissipates heat. That means your processor runs faster, so you get more power and efficiency. Check out the specs below.

Screen size16 inches
Battery life11 hours
Weight4.3 pounds
Touchscreen or 2-in-1No
Supported external monitors2+
RAM (memory)16 GB
Storage512 GB

Along with improved thermals and a better keyboard, the Apple MacBook Pro 16 also boasts a long battery life. You’re also getting high-quality speakers. Comfortable and easy to use, it comes with a ton of storage space — 512 GB and 16 GB RAM — so you’re getting a big bang for your buck!

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