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Listen to Spotify on your computer

The ability to take a library of music with us wherever we go is an amazing thing. But while it’s great to have a collection saved onto a phone or other gadget, that is in some ways kind of limiting.


After all, you will only be able to listen to music you already have. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to find something new or even just have a seemingly limitless library, streaming options are the way to go.

Indeed, the days of vinyl records, 8-tracks, cassette tapes, CDs and even MP3s are a thing of the past, and as far as streaming goes, Spotify is the top dog.

It’s on your mobile device or on your computer

Have you discovered Spotify yet? It’s a popular web service that lets you listen to more than 30 million songs on your computer, on your smartphone, or on your tablet.

With a free Spotify account, you can listen to songs on shuffle throughout certain albums from specific artists.

It is free to sign up, though you will be subjected to some advertising. But with a paid account ($9.99 per month), you can listen to an unlimited number of songs and albums in any order, create playlists, browse playlists to discover new music, share those playlists with your friends, download music for offline use and you will never have to skip an annoying ad.

Of course, you can get your first three months of Spotify Premium for $0.99 per month, though that offer is not available to anyone who has already been a premium subscriber.

To get started with Spotify on your computer, head over to and create an account using either your Facebook credentials or an email address.

From there, you can launch the web player to listen from your browser, or you can download the player directly to your computer.

Better yet, if you also grab the Spotify app for your smartphone or tablet, if you’re in the middle of a song on your computer, you can switch it to play on your tablet, mid-note!

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