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Google Pixelbook Go

Want a high-quality Chromebook without spending a grand on Google’s previous Pixelbook? Try the Google Pixelbook Go. It has an incredible battery life and a super comfortable keyboard.

It comes equipped with a 1080p webcam and has an excellent overall design. It’s a great entry-level laptop: thin, light and easy to use. Check out the specs below.

Screen size13 inches
Battery life12 hours
Weight2.0 pounds
Supported external monitors2+
RAM (memory)8 GB
Storage64 GB

“Coming from a Pixelbook, even after just one day of using the Pixelbook Go, I am finding that I prefer so many things about it, particularly the excellent keyboard, speakers, and battery life,” one five-star Amazon reviewer said. “I like that the Go is a bit smaller and lighter than the Pixelbook. It feels very solid to me, more so than the Pixelbook.”

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