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Need a logo? Customize and download one for free

Need a new logo for your business, but don’t want to pay a graphic designer? With today’s markets becoming more and more competitive, it seems everyone is looking for that one angle to separate them from the pack. The truth is, sometimes its not all about how you produce, but how you promote.

A good logo can be understood as a graphic or emblem that is used as a tool to promote your brand’s identity and gain recognition. After a while, your logo should represent what you do and how you do it.

Thankfully, there’s an online service that allows you to download and customize your own logo, free of charge. We’ll tell you all about it, but first, tap or click here to see how some logos hide secret messages.

Where can I make free logos?

Whether you’re an established business, an up-and-coming start-up or a hot-shot entrepreneur, you’ll always need to brand and re-brand yourself to the public. There’s no better way to start than getting a fresh new logo design. In fact, tap or click here to hear a famous designer explain why great logos are so important.

Unfortunately, graphic design services usually cost a substantial amount of money. This is where Logo Taco comes in.

If you really want to get something done right (for free!), you’ve got to do it yourself. Logo Taco is an open source virtual library that features a multitude of templates, vector brand logos and icon designs, all of which are available completely free of charge.

How to use the app

Create your new logo in four easy steps at

  1. Go to the website and click the blue download logo on any logo template.
  2. Open your graphic editor and start designing.
  3. Write your company name next to your brand new logo.
  4. Outline fonts and save files to the file format of your choosing, and you’re done!

From here on, you’ll be able to add and adjust your fonts and colors, or subtract anything you think may not work in your logo. You’ll always have exclusive access to your customized design and there’s no need for a login or password — you’d never get this kind of simplicity or accessibility from a pro designer.

Design your logo to pique interest and draw customers in. Make them want to look behind the image and learn more about what you do and what you offer them. Let your logo set you apart from the others and dare to be different.

Need some extra creative ideas? Tap or click here to learn how the pros create logos.

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