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Your home address, age, relatives and more are on this site

Have you ever wondered just how much information about you is floating around on the internet? Maybe you’ve Googled your name once or twice to check out what the web has on you. If you’re a regular Joe, you’ll definitely find your more famous namesakes or a picture of you grabbed from social media sites here and there.

People finder sites, however, take this people-searching business a step further. They promise a wealth of information about just about anyone, as long as you have a name and an address. Most of these sites merely aggregate publicly available records but it is still jolting how the information is viewable in a single go.

We reported on one site, in particular, Family Tree Now, that displays a myriad of personal information that you might find creepy and disturbing including relatives, people you associate with, current and past addresses, and your date of birth.

Heads up!

I found another site that does the same thing. This site is called Radaris and it has similar personal information that you may not want to be easily accessible by the public. Search for your name and I bet you’ll be surprised at what anyone can learn about you!

Look yourself up

Radaris describes itself as “a comprehensive public records search engine for information about people, properties, businesses and professionals.”

Like other people finder sites, Radaris has a paywall for detailed reports that claim to include personal details like criminal records, full names, addresses, age, phone numbers, bankruptcies, relatives, marital records and even property records.

Its free search is very detailed and includes information that you may not want to be easily accessible by the general public. You may be shocked that this free info may include your age, known names, phone numbers, your past addresses, relatives and more!

How to find and remove your information from Radaris

Like many other sites, hiding your information from Radaris searches is an involved process. It requires you to “claim your profile” and it involves multiple steps and additional information from you as well.

Let me tell you how to do it and then, you can do it yourself.

First, search for your name on the Radaris site that’s located at

On the search results page, look for the profile that matches your information then click on the “Full Profile” button. I searched for Johnny Appleseed in the example below.

Next, on the selected profile page, click on the down arrow located to the right of the name (next to the “Background Check & Contact Info” button) then select “Control Info.”

On the next page, click the “Control Info” button again to confirm.

Now, Radaris will require you to sign up with an email address, a Facebook account or a Google account. Since this is its way of verifying that you are who you say you are, there is no way around this.

Once signed up and logged in, it will ask you to confirm your real name. If your registration name is different from the profile name you’re trying to control, the site will ask you for your first, middle and last names.

Next, it will ask for a cellphone number for the verification codes it will send you. Once these verification codes are entered on the site, the “claimed profile” will be hidden from Radaris searches.

According to Radaris, since it is just a data broker, public data is aggregated from publicly available government records and data providers such as credit reporting companies and social media sites.

This means that even if you’ve successfully hidden your info from Radaris’ public searches, other people finder sites will still have your public data. To hide this data on other sites, you will have to opt out of each service individually.

Don’t stop here. Your personal information is likely on other sites too.

Click here and we’ll show you how to opt out of other popular people search sites.

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