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Why you should encrypt your emails – and how to do it

Presented by StartMail

Presented by StartMail

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Take a moment and ask yourself if you’ve ever sent over an email with your Social Security number. Maybe it wasn’t in the body of the email, but was it in an attachment? When we’re sending medical records or even applying for jobs, we can send a ton of incredibly personal information over our email inboxes.

That’s dangerous since you aren’t the only person looking through your emails. That’s right: Creepy third parties can rake their eyeballs all over your private data. They take the form of invisible trackers embedded into emails, which can tell when you’ve opened messages.

Of course, you also have to worry about Big Tech combing through your inbox for private information. When you sign up for a free email and say “yes” to the Terms and Conditions, you’re letting them analyze your emails.

Encrypting your email inbox keeps your information private

Did you look at an item once three months ago? Then, get ready to see it in ads for the next year. Big Tech companies can also use your personal emails, which can include financial or medical records, to build a detailed customer profile of you.

Do you like online shopping? Your email provider may take note of all those receipts. Once it’s analyzed every aspect of your digital life, you’re converted into a detailed profile that’s sold to the highest bidders.

Stop the privacy invasion by encrypting your emails. That’s when you disguise the content of your messages. Then, only someone with a specific digital code can open it.

Although some free emails have encryption options, they’re pretty limited. For example, if you want to use the feature with Gmail, both sides need encryption enabled, which can be a long process to coordinate with someone else. With our sponsor StartMail, you don’t have to wait for anyone else to change their inbox — you can send an encrypted message to anyone in a snap of your fingers.

When it comes to your inbox, Kim recommends getting away from Big Tech altogether

Encrypt your emails in a snap with StartMail. It stores your encrypted messages and folders in a unique “vault.” That means only you can access it — no one can break in and stalk you (not even StartMail).

Plus, it doesn’t track your online activity, so no one’s building a personal profile based on your habits. Good news: Kim set up a special deal for listeners and readers like you. Tap or click for a 7-day free trial and get 50% off your first year at

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