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The Facebook profile they don’t want you to see

Ever wondered if there is publicly available information on your Facebook profile that you’re not aware of? Setting the privacy for every single thing you do on Facebook can be confusing and it’s easy to miss something that you don’t want public.

And it can be anything – your birthdate, gender, age, political preferences, comments and likes you have distributed – everything is tracked on Facebook so there’s a good chance there are bits of available information about you that you’d rather not have publicly displayed.

If that’s the case, this website might be able to help. Mind you, it’s not a stalking enabler as its name suggests, but if used properly, it can be a valuable Facebook auditing tool.


Stalkscan uses Facebook’s own Graph Search tool to conveniently categorize and group all the shared information on your Facebook profile, depending on their respective privacy settings.

Just copy a Facebook’s profile URL (a profile’s web address) then paste it on the StalkScan search bar to view the results.

The results will include things that you may not even know are available for anyone to see – this includes public photos you may have liked or have been tagged in, pages you follow, public posts on which you have commented, liked or reacted to or places and events you checked into.

Important note: To use Stalkscan and truly see what’s publicly available, you’ll need to log in to a Facebook profile that is not currently connected to you in your current browser.

You’re probably thinking why go through all this trouble if you can easily view your public Timeline with Facebook’s own “View as…” privacy tool?

Tip: Here’s how you view your public Facebook profile: On a desktop browser, go to your Facebook profile, click the three dots (next to “View Activity Log”) then choose “View As…” to see what your timeline looks like to the public. This will quickly reveal if there’s something showing that shouldn’t be.

Well, Facebook’s “View As Public” option will only let you see your chronological Timeline, which can be a chore to navigate. It won’t readily show other hidden details like likes, comments, interests, photos and places either.

With Stalkscan, everything is conveniently grouped into categories. You can easily survey a profile’s public likes, interests, every public photo he or she has been tagged in, political parties, religion, music tastes, etc. Basically, everything is collected in one central location, convenient if you’re attempting to build a profile on someone.


Again, Stalkscan displays whatever information is available to the logged in Facebook profile. Unlike Facebook’s “View as Public” option, if you look yourself up, it will display everything that’s available to you. This makes it not really viable for checking your own privacy.

However, if you use a profile other than your own or another profile that’s not on your Facebook friends list, then what Stalkscan reveals can be quite alarming. You’ll be surprised with some of your personal information that’s available out there. It’ll even have the hidden information about you that you didn’t even know Facebook has been displaying publicly all along. Think inappropriate photos from friends that you may have been tagged in but were set to Public without your knowledge.

Remember that public Facebook posts, photos, and tags are available for everyone to see and Stalkscan can be a valuable tool in auditing and cleaning out your public Facebook profile even further.

Do you want to quickly lock down your Facebook profile with one click? Click here to find out how. It may be the most important click in your Facebook Privacy settings.

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