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Say goodbye to Google’s tracking – This Gmail alternative protects your privacy

Presented by StartMail

Presented by StartMail

Don’t trust Big Tech with your data and privacy. Go to today for a seven-day free trial and 50% off your first year.

When Edward Snowden leaked top-secret information about how Big Brother was tracking all of our private moments, everyone was shocked. But in truth, we’ve all been tracked for years and the most common sources aren’t from the government. They are from your email.

Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook not only track you, but they use that information to target you with ads to sell other companies products. One of the biggest offenders is something 131 million Americans open every day, their personal Gmail accounts.

Google tracks everything you do. The purchases you make, the people speak to, and even when you are most likely to make a purchase. But because Google is “free,” millions of people use it daily. Well, say goodbye to Google’s tracking because there is an alternative.

StartMail vs. Gmail

How do the two choices stack up? Take a look below and it’s pretty clear.

Why Gmail isn’t the best option

When something is free, it’s a good chance you are the product. With free apps, there are often in-app purchases offered to make your experience better, but you have to pay for it. Facebook and Google may offer you a free service, but you give up a lot in return.

Here’s what you get with your free Gmail account:

  • They track your email messages.
  • They know your location and what time you open your emails.
  • They can see your purchase and payment history.
  • They know your email recipient names and email addresses.
  • They analyze and categorize email attachments.

StartMail protects your privacy

Sick of being tracked and having your privacy compromised? There is an alternative that, while not free, offers you safety and protection from the spying eyes of corporations.

StartMail, a sponsor of Kim’s national radio show, is an ad-free email service that doesn’t collect or share any data with third parties. Your online activity isn’t tracked, and no one is building a personal profile of you out of your habits. When you delete mail, it’s gone for good, and you can encrypt emails with just a click.

Your inbox and folders are encrypted and stored in their own “vault.” You’re the only one with access, so nobody (including StartMail) is snooping around reading your private correspondence. You can create “burner accounts” to share disposable email addresses while keeping your legit address private, too.


  • They never read or analyze your emails.
  • There are NO ads. Hey, that’s worth it right there.
  • They don’t track you or your behavior.
  • All your emails are encrypted.

If you are concerned about paying for an email service, consider how the benefits are worth the investment. Gmail isn’t really free. You are paying for it — with your privacy and personal information. StartMail’s annual plan is only $59.95.

But to make it even better, Kim has set up a special deal for listeners and readers. Tap or click for a 7-day free trial and get 50% off your first year at Take your privacy back now.

Need help getting started? Here’s a guide to moving your emails to a new account without losing your old ones.

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