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Sponsored: The perfect gift for your family

Who’s the hardest person to shop for on your Christmas list? For a lot of people, it’s their kids.

We’re not talking about toddlers, school-age kids or even teenagers. Those are your easy gifts, right?

You will buy them smartphones, tablets, laptops, video game consoles, clothes and, of course, socks and underwear! But what are you buying for your grown children, especially the ones with homes and families of their own?

That gets tricky. If they have spouses and children, they’re already opening loads of presents on Christmas morning, including electronics, clothes and gift cards.

We’ve got a great gift idea that will surprise your grown children and give them a warm sense of security for the whole year. Have you thought about getting your adult kids a home security system?

Our sponsor SimpliSafe is an affordable, easy-to-setup home security system that you can tailor for each kid. You can customize the SimpliSafe system for apartment dwellers, all the way up to all-inclusive features such as SimpliCam, motion-detectors, frost detectors, flood detectors and a lot more for your children who live in large homes.

Easy Setup

We know. You cringe when you think about home security systems – we all do.

However, SimpliSafe isn’t the old-fashioned system that makes you cringe. SimpliSafe is a wireless system that takes less than an hour for many families to set up.

That’s right, you set up SimpliSafe yourself. Those old-fashioned systems are wired and difficult to install.

If you have ever had one of those old systems, you know that getting it installed disrupts your entire day. You have to schedule a visit from a technician who spends hours banging, drilling, hammering, screwing and sawing.

Those old-fashioned home security systems are a huge hassle. SimpliSafe is not – you’ll have your system setup in minutes.

It starts with plugging in your SimpliSafe base station. It has a backup battery and it’s the only component that you plug in.

Talk about simple. As soon as you plug in the base station, SimpliSafe will start walking you through the setup: “Welcome to SimpliSafe.”

Customized Home Security

The first thing your children will set up after the base station is the keypad. It has an LCD-backlit display that’s easy to read.

Then your grown kids can customize their SimpliSafe. If they have a large home with many windows, doors and rooms, they may want to install an Entry Sensor, Motion Sensor, the video camera SimpliCam, Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Sensor and more.

You can build your own system. Or, better yet, you can purchase a package like the 18-piece SimpliSafe leader.

Bonus: SimpliSafe Leader – Buy right now and save $300!

The SimpliSafe Leader package comes with SimpliCam, Entry Sensor, Motion Sensor, Glassbreak Sensor and more. It has a 105-decibel siren!

You can start smaller with the SimpliSafe Starter Home Security System for your grown kids who live in apartments, condominiums, townhouses or smaller homes. It’s a 5-piece system that includes a Motion Sensor, Entry Sensor and a wireless Keychain Remote control.

Do you have grown children in an average-sized home? Why don’t you give them the SimpliSafe Economy Home Security System this Christmas?

The Economy has seven sensors, including three Entry Sensors. Click here to customize your grown kids’ Home Security Systems.

You’re in Control

There is so much to love about SimpliSafe. It feels good, of course, to keep your family secure all year long.

But the best thing about SimpliSafe may be that it’s affordable for many families. Your 24-hour, 365-day monitoring costs just $15 a month.

Unlike those old-fashioned home security systems, you’re never locked into a contract with SimpliSafe. Just set it up for your family when you need it.

Bonus: Five days left! Save 30% on any SimpliSafe Home Security System.

Sponsored: Teens Home Alone? How you can make sure they stay safe

It’s a fact of life these days. If you’re a parent, you have to leave your teenagers home alone from time to time.

For some of us, you have to leave them home alone quite often. Either way, you can remotely monitor your home when they are alone, so you know they’re safe.

Click here to find out how to keep your teenagers safe with SimpliSafe!

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