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Sponsored: Legitimate search site helps you find people you’re looking for the easy way

Are you looking for anyone in particular? You may not need it now but there will be a time when you will find it necessary to gather information on someone. There are many legitimate reasons why you will want to do one yourself – dating, vetting acquaintances, reconnecting with old friends and relatives. But where do you turn to if such a need arises?

You will most likely go online first since “people finder” sites are everywhere on the web. The bad news is most of these sites look so scammy, impersonal and intrusive.

However, we understand that doing background checks has its uses – it’s a service that everyone should have access to. The good news is that we actually found one site that is head and shoulders above everyone else. Finally, a people finding site that doesn’t feel creepy at all.


Our sponsor, BeenVerified is an online service that promises to “make public records easy, affordable, and accurate for everyone.”

With the help of its data partners, BeenVerified sweeps through several databases of publicly available information including data from social media sites to track down anyone you’re searching for.

Search results may include basic information like their age, current and prior addresses, family members, phone numbers or email addresses but it goes beyond that – BeenVerified can also find government, criminal, court, and bankruptcy records plus public photos and social media profiles. This is data that you can’t simply Google search your way through.

Where does BeenVerified get its information?

Unlike people search sites that simply crawl public records on the web, BeenVerified partners with major public record providers to bring you quality and reliable information.

Governments and big corporations used to have a monopoly over this public data. Although it should be publicly accessible, the data are tightly controlled and often hard to find or require a fee to access.

This is where BeenVerified comes in. They do all the legwork and combine all the public data into a massive database. Now, instead of you spending tons of fees, combing through the web or contacting government offices yourself, you can have all this information presented to you by BeenVerified in an easy-to-understand comprehensive report.

And they don’t stop there. With BeenVerified’s focus on quality data, it continuously works with its partners to improve the service. And with its Court Runner service, it will even send their researchers to a courthouse to legally gather information when it’s not available digitally.

Real human touch

For sites that constantly deal with people’s information, other people finder services are ironically so impersonal. There’s typically no real customer support whatsoever. All you get are online forms, automated canned replies and human representatives are next to impossible to get a hold of.

BeenVerified changes all that. With fully-staffed customer support teams in New York City and Miami, they make sure you get all your questions answered – the proper way, with real people.

You can either send them an email or contact them via a toll-free number and get an actual representative to talk with. This certainly helps build that level of trust that regular “people finder” sites simply can’t achieve.

In fact, we think of BeenVerified not as a people finder site – BeenVerified is more like a “people connecting” service.

Privacy Matters

Another thing we like about BeenVerified is its transparency.

Have you ever tried opting out of people search sites? It’s always a nightmare! The opt-out links are always buried within the fine print and the steps are so convoluted, it’s obvious that they don’t want you opt-out.

BeenVerified is different. Instead of having people go through hoops and obstacles just to opt out of searches, BeenVerified’s online opt-out process is easy to find and always free.

With its focus on respecting your privacy, BeenVerified does not collect, share or sell the information its customers provide to third-party advertisers. Since they are in the business of trust, they will also never sign you up nor push other services or products that you never asked for. This transparency is what makes it stand out from the rest.

When to use BeenVerified

Now that we understand BeenVerified’s commitment to bringing an affordable and easy way to access public data, in what ways can this service prove to be useful?


Here’s a good example of when you may use BeenVerified – protecting your loved ones.

There may be times when acquaintances, maybe from school, or work, will offer something that’s too good to be true. Understandably, you might think that there’s a hidden ulterior motive.

Case in point, take this testimonial from a real BeenVerified customer:

“My daughter recently went out for soccer. I decided it would be a good idea to run another player’s father through BeenVerified, because he had volunteered to pick up any kid that might need help getting to practice. Turns out this guy had been charged with indecent exposure and was on parole.”

Yikes! Imagine what might have happened. Thankfully, BeenVerified was there to sort things out.

Consider this other case about a scammer who got caught thanks to BeenVerified’s Court Runner service:

“I used Beenverified [sic] to find out a little information about my father’s ex-girlfriend. Every time I saw her (she was out of town a lot) she just seemed a little fishy. What I found was astonishing. She had over 11 aliases, been arrested more than 6 times for identity theft and was assuming a dead woman’s identity. Now here’s the kicker, she WAS a flight attendant for a MAJOR U.S. airline. Once I notified my father we wanted to be sure and used the “court runners” for hard evidence. Sure enough, everything we saw on BeenVerified was correct. She is now serving an extensive term and our skies are now a little safer thanks to your website.”


BeenVerified can also help you pick out the right person for you. It’s not all about digging dirt up on someone to confirm your worst fears. It’s also about reaffirming your belief that someone is definitely the perfect one.

BeenVerified helped this lovebird find her true love:

“I found a really great guy. Love at first sight, no doubt! I knew that he was ‘the one’, but also knew that no one is perfect, and that he had a past. I used BeenVerified to run a background check, just to be on the safe side. It helped to give me peace of mind, and it confirmed that fact that he wasn’t hiding anything from me. We are very happy, and are getting married in a few months, and are enjoying planning our future and life together. Thanks, BeenVerified!”


Are you looking for a long lost friend or relative? Maybe you’re trying to re-establish your family roots and reforge your connections. This is actually one of the best things you can use BeenVerified for – rekindling old friendships and relationships.

This Good Samaritan is actually using BeenVerified services to help other people out:

“I am retired and have a ministry helping the dying and sick. Research is my hobby and I am unofficially a founder of lost persons just like on that radio show years ago. I found a son and the mother was dying of cancer. She held on waiting for her son who had not been in touch for years.”


With all the data breaches and identity fraud going around, you may start having issues with the information attached to your name. Aside from identity theft, you can also be dealing with individuals who share your name. BeenVerified can help you verify what kind of information about you is out there.

This person was surprised by why he kept having issues with his name. BeenVerified helped him find out.

“I’ve been having trouble with obtaining a rifle for the up-coming hunting season. I’ve been turned down at the sales counter multiple times, but the sales person could not tell me why. I decided I needed to find out why for myself. I had seen an advertisement on the side bar while checking my e-mail and often see ads on TV about BeenVerified. At this point I decided to give it a try. I did a background check on myself and I was surprised at the results. Someone else had the same name. Even down to the first letter of our middle names! The only difference was our middle name. Now when I returned to the store I used my full middle name instead of just the first letter. To my delight I was finally able to get my rifle just in time for the hunting season to open.
Thanks BeenVerified”

How to use BeenVerified

To get started, all you need is to enter a first and last name (plus the optional city and state) on the main BeenVerified page’s People Search bar and then hit Search. Results with basic information like age, addresses, and known relatives will be available in minutes.

If you want to dig in further once you find the person you’re looking for, click “Build Report” for more details. Now, getting a complete report for BeenVerified is not free but it’s relatively cheap and more affordable than other similar services.

Mobile apps

BeenVerified can also be accessed on the go via its mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the Apple Watch. These apps will give you the same website search options with anywhere access to billions of records.

According to BeenVerified, “With over 5,000,000 downloads so far, BeenVerified is the go-to choice for mobile public data access. ”

Click here to learn more about BeenVerified‘s mobile apps.

Check out our sponsor, BeenVerified today and know you’re getting accurate information on the people in your life!

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