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Tech secret: Send secure, self-destructing messages

Imagine you’re helping a family member with their Facebook account. You have their password and username handy, so you send it to them over email. Flash forward a week and that same family member calls you back with grave news: They’ve been hacked.

How did this happen? Well, you sent login information via an unsecured email. Email accounts are prone to phishing and break-ins, and login information is one of the first things hackers look for when compromising accounts. Click or tap to learn how 21 million accounts were stolen and sold on the Dark Web.

To send sensitive information of any kind, you need private, encrypted messages that can self destruct without a trace. Luckily, there’s a website that lets you do exactly that. The kicker? It’s compatible with any computer, phone or tablet. Here’s how to send secure messages that automatically delete themselves.

Send messages safely

Privnote is a secure website that lets you send private messages to friends and family that automatically delete themselves after opening. This is excellent for critical data you’d rather not have fall into the wrong hands, as well as brief messages you don’t want clogging up your inbox.

Here’s how it works: Type in a message and you’ll get a link to your Privnote. This link can either be shared online or sent automatically via email. Once the recipient opens the note, it’ll vanish as soon as they exit the window. It’s that easy!

Even more options

For even more security, you can click the button labeled Show options for a range of additional features like password security and reference names. Extra security never hurts. Tap or click here to see the one security setting you should always turn on.

You can also set a specific timer for your message if you want it to stick around a little while longer. This is particularly useful when you’re sending information the recipient may want to refer to a few times over the course of a few hours, days or even weeks.

You can choose from immediate deletion all the way up to 30 days. And the best part is the message is secure, so only a recipient with the link will have access to it.

If you’re ready to start sending messages covertly, Privnote is your top destination. It’s like Snapchat, just without all the bells and whistles (and face filters). Click or tap here to visit

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