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Why you need a VPN router in 2023
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Worth it? This router has a built-in VPN

Presented by ExpressVPN

Presented by ExpressVPN

Protect your privacy. Get three months free when you sign up for one year at

Protect your internet-connected devices at home, such as an Amazon Echo or a smart thermostat, with a VPN router to prevent hackers from causing chaos.

A VPN-enabled router encrypts data on your network, adding an extra layer of security and privacy for all connected devices. Watch out for these five signs indicating your current router may not keep you safe.

Secure your home with this new VPN router

Most routers don’t come with built-in VPNs. However, a new product from our sponsor ExpressVPN is changing the game.

Its first hardware product, ExpressVPN Aircove, is a Wi-Fi 6 router that comes out of the box with a VPN already installed. According to ExpressVPN, it’s “the industry’s first and only Wi-Fi router with built-in VPN.”

Just know that you’ll need an ExpressVPN subscription to take advantage of this special protection. That’s a win-win for those of us at Komando HQ. We use ExpressVPN to protect our privacy while browsing the web — and you can too.

Good news: Kim negotiated a special deal just for you. When you sign up for one year at, you can get three months of ExpressVPN for free.

How this VPN-enabled router can help you

With Aircove, you can have up to five different Device Groups. All you have to do is drag and drop your devices onto different ones. For example, this feature allows you to have one group for guests and another for your streaming devices.

Imagine sitting on the couch with your computer on your lap and Netflix on the TV. For some reason, the show you watched yesterday isn’t available today. A website says the show isn’t on American Netflix anymore — but you can find it on Japanese Netflix.

With Aircove, you can link your smart TV’s internet traffic to a Japanese server, even if your computer is connected to a German server. This streaming trick makes life much easier.

Fully encrypt all the devices on your home network

That goes for smart TVs, home security cameras and any other devices you connect. You can buy it now on Amazon.

Remember, you’ll need an ExpressVPN subscription — and we can help you save money. Tap or click this link for three extra free months with a 12-month plan.

Tech tip: While having the best router is important, you can still hinder its performance if it isn’t in the right spot. Your router’s location is critical to delivering optimal internet speeds. Boost your Wi-Fi speed by placing your router in these ideal locations.

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