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Do this now: Restrict Facebook’s access to your phone number

In an earlier post, we told you that Facebook isn’t protecting your phone number. Because of two-factor authentication (2FA), Facebook requires you to use a mobile phone number. So, you can’t just delete your mobile phone number from Facebook.

You can, however, privatize your phone number with very simple settings. I did it myself, and I will share screen shots with you below. This setting will prevent people from searching for you if they have your phone number.

How to make your phone number private on Facebook

Go to Facebook and in the upper right, select the little triangle and then “Settings.” You should see this.

Select “Privacy” from the left column, and then find the question, “Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?”

Check your phone privacy settings on Facebook mobile

When you change settings in your main Facebook account, it should be good across devices, but I still like to check my mobile devices to make sure the setting crosses devices.

Open the Facebook app and select the “hamburger” menu in the lower right corner.

Scroll down and select “Settings & Privacy,” then select “Settings,” then scroll down and “Privacy Settings.” (Is anyone else getting the feeling that Facebook deliberately makes this difficult?)

Make sure the visibility settings are what you prefer. For the question “Who can look you up using the phone number you provided,” you have three choices: everyone, friends of friends, or friends. There is no “no one” option. If you are concerned about strangers or crazy exes finding you, set it to the most restricted setting, “Friends.”

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