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Presented by RoboForm

Presented by RoboForm

Save 50% on RoboForm Everywhere and manage your passwords with ease and security.

Passwords can be problematic if you let them. While remembering one or two may be a cinch, it becomes exponentially trickier as our lives expand into the digital realm. While many of us have handy little tricks for easy recollection (birth dates, pet names, slight variations, etc.), easy to recall passwords are also easily compromised.

Say goodbye to writing down passwords! Take advantage of this limited-time offer and get 50% off RoboForm password manager! Limited time offer.

Creating secure passwords, however, can be tricky. They need to be random, strong, and unique. That means no reuse across sites, no slight variations and no personal information.

To complicate matters, many sites now prevent you from creating weak passwords, requiring a minimum character count, mix letter case, symbols and numbers. While beneficial to your security, it’s a bit taxing on the brain. So if given the choice, and if lacking the proper tools, it’s all too easy to succumb to the convenience of poor passwords, rather than security.

Thankfully, you don’t have to choose.

A hassle-free tool

Password Managers are tools specifically designed with your online security in mind. They do everything from generating and remembering passwords to storing them and automatically logging you in to your favorite sites.

RoboForm Password Manager is a particularly good choice when it comes to managing your online data. It makes juggling passwords a breeze while elevating your online security. The best part, you only need to remember one password⁠—the RoboForm Master Password⁠—and the application does the rest.

Creating a RoboForm account is a breeze and you can add your passwords manually or import them from your browser, CSV, or even other password management products. RoboForm will automatically save new passwords as you log in to your online accounts.

Generating passwords for your new online accounts couldn’t be easier. RoboForm’s password generator makes it a cinch for users to generate random, strong, and unique passwords. Passwords can conveniently be generated right from the user’s browser with the click of a button. The Generator is easily accessible on mobile too!

Unlike some other password managers, RoboForm has an excellent free version that even lets you store unlimited data. If you prefer to sync your data across all of your devices (one of the app’s premium features), a RoboForm Everywhere subscription is available at a very affordable price.

For just $1.99/month, a RoboForm Everywhere subscription adds secure backup, syncing across all devices and priority support. They offer discounts on multi-year purchases as well as a Family option which gives 5 Everywhere accounts for just $3.98/month. If you’re wondering which version is right for you, you can compare the two here.

Top-notch security 

RoboForm uses AES 256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256 with decryption of all data occurring locally, at the device level only. This is important because it means that the company has no way of accessing your passwords.

The key to unlocking the data is your Master Password, which only you know so be sure to not forget it. You can also add an additional layer of security to your account with Two Factor Authentication via TOTP based authentication apps.

A huge timesaver

Did we say that it’s convenient? Secure passwords aren’t of any real use if you can’t remember, find, or access them.

RoboForm is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android with support for all their respective browsers, including Edge and Internet Explorer. That means you can access your data anytime, from anywhere.

The desktop and mobile apps even provide offline access to RoboForm data while the RoboForm Everywhere secure cloud keeps passwords backed up and in sync across all browsers and devices.

The convenience isn’t limited to passwords, either. Their Safenote feature lets you save anything from software license keys to Wi-Fi passwords. RoboForm is also the only major password manager that organizes bookmarks for quick and easy access across browsers and devices.

Their form filling is definitely the best in its class. Use their Identity feature to store multiple instances of addresses, bank accounts and other data types under each form fill Identity. It’s perfect for filling out long web forms that request personal, family, co-worker or client info.

The next time you catch yourself using ‘Password 1234,’ download and install RoboForm and let it do the work for you.

Say goodbye to writing down passwords! Take advantage of this limited-time offer and get 50% off RoboForm password manager! Limited time offer.

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