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Make a home inventory the easy way

Every homeowner dreads coming home to the scene of a burglary. Whether you’ve gone on a two-week vacation or a 15-minute errand, it could happen to anyone.

Your first instinct after calling the police may be to lock your house down like Fort Knox for the rest of your life, but what are you going to do about what was stolen?

Most insurance companies won’t help you recover your valuables unless they’re already on file. And taking stock of your possessions after your house has been vandalized is like closing the barn door after the horse is out.

If your valuables aren’t already listed with your insurance company, then you’ll be stuck paying to replace those things with your own money. The best thing to do is to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Here is the perfect app to help you with the recovery of your valuables in case of a break-in.

Don’t waste another minute; check out the Encircle: Home Inventory app. This comprehensive and easy-to-use app makes it a snap to catalog the valuables in your house.

To use Encircle, start from the outside of your house and work your way in by taking pictures of the outside of your house and the inside of every room. Once you have the basics established, simply take pictures of the valuables in your house like your oven, refrigerator, major appliances, antiques and, obviously, your tech gadgets.

Encircle has no limit to the amount of pictures you can take, and you can add notes to each picture. There is also a very helpful option to add information about valuables like your computer serial number, purchase information and other important data to help you recover or replace your valuables faster.

But Encircle doesn’t just help you in the event of a burglary. If there’s a natural disaster or a fire that destroys your home, your insurance company will need to know what you lost to help recover or replace them.

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