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3 ways to keep your kids safer online

Back in the day, parents would worry whenever their kids went out with friends, left for school or work, and pretty much any other time they weren’t in plain sight. It might sound strange, but it does make sense. After all, protecting their children is a parent’s number one job!

Sadly, those days are long gone. We’re living in a digital world now and we have to worry about everything kids do online and whenever they leave the house. There are all kinds of scary threats kids can run into.

Fortunately, there are ways to help keep them safer when they are online. In this post, we’ll tell you three ways how. And to keep your whole family safe, get the Best Security Suite for 2020 and save an exclusive 80% at

Blocking malicious websites

Even as an adult, it’s difficult to know if you’re about to visit a malicious website. Cybercriminals have learned how to spoof sites and can make them look just like official ones.

Here’s how it works: Scammers are spoofing website URLs and making one little tweak they hope you won’t notice. The web address is spelled correctly, but instead of using all of the proper letters, they’re replacing at least one with an ALT code that adds an accent.

For example, instead of using a typical lower case “e” as you find in the word “Facebook,” a scammer could replace it with an “é.” Notice the little accent mark on top of the “e.”

Anyone can do this by holding the Alt key and typing 0233. It results in what’s called the “e acute” ALT code. So instead of going to the official Facebook page, you could be clicking on a link to a spoofed “Facébook” page.

Imagine being a teenager who hasn’t even heard of what spoofing is yet and trying to spot one. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

That’s why you need to protect not only your children’s devices but yours, too. And a free antivirus program just isn’t enough. You need smarter, more robust tools to combat hackers and scammers who are getting more sophisticated.

We recommend our sponsor TotalAV. With TotalAV, you get so much more than antivirus protection. It’s a suite of 22 security tools that protect all of your family’s devices.

There’s even a TotalAV Safe Site browser extension that analyzes and blocks any suspicious websites before they can cause you harm. Install it on Google Chrome or Firefox to clear your cookies with just one click, launch a private browsing window and delete your browsing history.

Secure multiple devices

Your smartphone isn’t the only gadget you need to protect from cybercriminals. If something connects to the internet, it’s at risk.

These days we all have multiple devices that are vulnerable. Smartphones, tablets and laptops all need equal protection.

It doesn’t matter which type of device you use. TotalAV has you covered. It safeguards Windows, Apple Mac and Android gadgets, while also keeping your iPhone and iPad running at peak performance.

Image source: TotalAV

TotalAV keeps devices safe and secure with its all-in-one, cross-platform security software. And it works whether you are at home, in the office or on the go.

Protection from trickiest threats

Phishing scams have been a favorite tool for cybercriminals for years now. In the early days, phishing emails were much easier to spot. They were full of spelling and grammatical errors which were good tip-offs that they weren’t real messages from legit companies.

But, like the spoofed websites we spoke of earlier, phishing emails are now more sophisticated than before and probably include company logos that make them seem legitimate.

The most important rule to outsmarting phishing scams is to avoid clicking on malicious links. That means you shouldn’t click on web links or open PDF attachments found in unsolicited email messages; it could be a phishing attack. 

If you need to conduct business with any company, it’s always best to type its web address directly into your browser. Never trust a link that’s inside a message. Better yet, have security tools on your devices that can help you avoid falling victim to a phishing attack.

TotalAV has tools that will block phishing URLs. Stay up to date and block the latest malicious phishing URLs with TotalAV’s Safe Site extension. With over thousands of new examples discovered daily, TotalAV has your back. Get the Best Security Suite for 2020 and save an exclusive 80% at

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