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Which identity protection service is best? We compare 5 top brands

Let’s be honest, identity theft is a big problem and quickly becoming a growing concern for both adults and children. Now that our personal information is published/stored on the web for all to see, it’s easy to understand why. It seems like there is a data breach happening every single day. You need to be protected against identity theft because no one wants to have to go through getting their identity stolen and all it takes to get it restored.

Nearly 20 million Americans fell victim to some form of identity theft over the last 2 years. This was due largely in part to a lack of vigilance and protection, both for themselves and their family. Thankfully, there are services that shield individuals/families from just these kinds of threats.

Of course, the field is crowded when it comes to comparing identity protection services. So, we chose to compare five heavy hitters in the industry, for your consideration. We based our choices on certain criteria such as features, credibility, price, and family protection plans.



When it comes to identity protection and restoration, IDShield provides the most comprehensive service on the market, especially for couples and families. This company monitors your life from every possible angle, from your Social Security number (SSN), credit cards, bank account, investments, email address, phone numbers, even to your social media. The shield of protection extends to the dark web as well.

An individual plan with IDShield starts at $12.95 per month, but if you’re looking to protect yourself and your loved ones, we recommend IDShield’s family plan. The family protection plan covers you, your spouse/partner, and up to 10 dependent children for just $25.95 per month, which is by far the best price compared to its numerous competitors.

No matter which plan you have, IDShield includes an unlimited free consultation, 24/7 live customer support, monthly credit reports, dark web scanning, and a $1 million insurance policy.


By now you’ve probably heard all the commercials and read all the ads. LifeLock has become one of the more credible/trusted identity protection services in the business and for good reason. LifeLock protects its members by providing a wide range of alerts connected to credit cards, credit applications, bank accounts, crimes in your name, and 401K/investment activity.

It even watches for data breaches or abnormal transactions that don’t fit with your regular pattern of spending. Like many others, LifeLock sweeps the dark web for evidence of your information being used and abused across websites.

With all of that, there is a $1 million reimbursement guarantee for any stolen funds. All of these alerts and guarantees are available to unlimited plus members, which has a starting cost of $26.99 per month. LifeLock doesn’t have a specific family plan/package, although they do offer a “junior” package for children. Other than that, it is a solid choice.


Advanced detection technology and over 40 years of experience, that’s what IdentityForce has to offer.

Starting at $17.95 per month, customers are given top-notch protection and support with the UltraSecure plan, which includes bank account/credit card alerts, social media and dark web monitoring, two-factor authentication, quarterly credit reports, and 24/7 support. Most types of personal accounts are monitored with IndentityForce, except for investment accounts.

IdentityForce is also an ideal choice for families and couples if you’re willing to spend a bit more. You can extend the protection to your partner/children when you choose the UltraSecure family plan. The family plan comes with all the benefits of the UltraSecure plan and is available for $35.90 per month. These benefits and features are backed by its $1 million reimbursement insurance policy.

Identity Guard

Identity Guard’s individual platinum plan, available for $22.99 per month, monitors your SSN, social media/public records, three bureau credit, and address changes. In addition, it provides alerts pertaining to identity verification and any account takeovers, (except investment accounts). Of course, this all comes with its $1 million identity insurance policy that covers any of your losses due to any form of identity theft.

Identity Guard has a family protection plan as well. For $34.99 per month, your spouse/partner and children can be put under the Identity Guard umbrella and protected from threats using the same features offered in the individual plan.

Costco Protection

As you may know, Costco offers identity theft protection to Executive and Business/Gold Star members. The service is provided by its partner in the industry, Complete ID.

For $8.99 per month (Executive Members) or $13.99 per month (Business/Gold Star members), you receive dark web surveillance, SSN identity monitoring, credit alerts, 24/7 support access, $1 million dollar theft insurance, and more. Costco seems to cover all the bases for its members and their children.

Yes, members can add child monitoring to their plan for as low as $2.99 per child per month. Complete ID’s child identity monitoring feature covers up to five minors and scans the dark web for fraudulent names, addresses, and aliases that may be linked to your child’s Social Security number. If you’re a Costco member, why not take advantage?

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