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Best way to protect your identity for less

Let’s not sugarcoat it: 2019 was a bad year for data breaches. Numerous companies were hit by cyberattacks over the course of the last 12 months and several more lost their user data through sheer incompetence like unsecured servers. And where there are data breaches, identity theft is sure to follow.

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you’ve probably already experienced identity theft of some kind. Whether it’s major hacks or ordinary phishing, it’s easier than ever for criminals to steal your data. Tap or click to see if you can pass this phishing test.

To protect your identity, you’ll want to look for a software solution. One of the biggest names on the market is LifeLock, which offers a range of valuable security features. But did you know you can get all this and more for less? We’ll show you an alternative system that will protect you for a fraction of the cost.

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LifeLock and Identity Guard: Why pay more for the same protection?

LifeLock has no doubt earned its reputation as a solid identity theft protection platform. It’s been around for years and, in that time, has built up a strong and dedicated support base.

But did you know there’s another company that uses the same kinds of advanced systems to keep you safe? What’s more, this company provides this service to customers for a fraction of LifeLock’s price.

Identity Guard is designed to protect against identity theft — which is now one of the fastest-growing crimes in the nation. It’s estimated that 9 million Americans’ identities are stolen each year, which underscores how important this software is becoming for consumers.

And just like LifeLock, Identity Guard offers insurance coverage up to $1 million. Both have dedicated customer support systems and provide individualized case managers to help you out of jams. Plus, both systems are able to monitor your Social Security number for any changes to your credit report.

But here’s how Identity Guard makes a name for itself: affordability. Identity Guard starts its security plans at $80 yearly. Compare this to LifeLock, which bumps the price up to $108 per year.

More than a less expensive plan

In addition to more affordable yearly rates, Identity Guard offers quick alerts and notifications that keep you up to speed about threats to your accounts.

These notifications can be set to arrive via emails or through the Identity Guard mobile app. These alerts arrive within three seconds of any attempt to use your personal data.

Plus, Identity Guard has working relationships with all three major credit bureaus. This way, it won’t lose track of any threats to your credit score. Combine this with Dark Web monitoring and free credit reporting, and you have a winning combination for cybersecurity.

If you’re ready to secure your information for good, you can’t go wrong with Identity Guard. Best of all, Kim’s readers and listeners can join in with plans starting at less than $7 a month. Get 33% off at Make sure to switch or sign up today and enjoy this amazing offer!

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