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How to stop a burglar in their tracks

We all want to protect our homes, but are the traditional home security systems worth it?

Without a security system, you may not even know that someone is breaking into your house. Even with the system in place, the process of having the alarm company contact you, confirming that the police need to be called, and then waiting for the police to arrive, often gives burglars more than enough time to wrap things up.

When we call 911, we assume that our call is treated as a top priority emergency. In reality, the police have to prioritize these calls based on a variety of factors. If you or your family aren’t home, and the burglary isn’t a life-threatening situation, you might just be bumped down on the list.

Thanks to SimpliSafe we now have a simpler, more innovative solution.

How can SimpliSafe help?

Even if the local police department takes longer than expected to arrive, SimpliSafe’s high-quality cameras can help to capture the crucial evidence they need to catch the offender. Additionally, the mere presence of the cameras may cause burglars to change their tune.

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False alarms

With the majority of home alarm signals being false alarms, it’s no wonder police don’t place them at the top of the priority list. SimpliSafe allows you to quickly check in on your home from anywhere to see what’s really going on. You can even view it from your phone. If all is well, you can turn off their alarm right there on your phone as well.

What about your “furry” roommates?

Using motion detection alarms may sound like a catastrophe waiting to happen for pet owners. If you know your German Shepard will be roaming the house in your absence, or your feline friend will most certainly be on the kitchen counter while you’re away, SimpliSafe has you covered. Their precision-engineered motion sensors detect the unique heat signature of humans, not pets, so you never have to worry about your home’s other “residents” setting off the alarm.

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More than just burglary protection

There are more than just burglary concerns for your home when you’re gone. The SimpliSafe security system detects fires and gas leaks, and even includes freeze and flood sensors to make sure that you know right away when disaster strikes.


SimpliSafe prides itself on the fact that its system was truly built for the unexpected. They’ve doubled up on the security of their connection with cellular connection and Wi-Fi to ensure your home is never without security. Not to mention, their six monitoring centers are all there to protect your home so, in the event of a disaster, they are prepared with backup.

What about failure on your end? If the power goes out in your home, your system’s back up battery will last for 24 hours, and if that clever burglar decides to smash your keypad, they’ll be sorely disappointed to find out that the police will still be notified.

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Does more money mean more security?

We’re conditioned to believe that more expensive solutions are better. Unfortunately, when it comes to home security, those higher prices are often due to the fact that many of these big name companies are outsourcing a piece of the process, and need to pay the middlemen. SimpliSafe cuts out the middlemen so you can benefit from the lowered cost.

If you’ve had a home security home system in the past, you likely had someone come out to your home to install the complex system. The keypad was mounted to your wall, and sensors were drilled into the wall near your points of entry. SimpliSafe offers yet another way to reduce costs by providing a wire-free system that requires no drilling and no tools. It can be easily installed, by you, within minutes of opening the box.

To top it all off, SimpliSafe doesn’t require a contract and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, free shipping and free returns.

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